Why I started blogging

Why I started blogging


I know no one asked for this long story I’m about to tell but let’s be honest you must be wondering “why did she start this blog.” Even if you weren’t thinking about it before, now you are and now you must read this piece of information you probably never asked for to the end.

It all started one September evening when I was busy asking myself if I was going to continue being highly unproductive. So it began, I started thinking of a way to not be broke at twenty somfinn. Then I thought to myself why don’t I start blogging. Actually I searched Google like crazy to find something I can do with my only skill which is writing and get money at the end.

Let’s be sincere money is the motivation for a lot of things. Although money is not the only motivation, the fact that I loved writing and helping people with information they need to become better was also one of the reasons I started blogging.

As at that time, I had about three unpublished stories and articles. I had two choices, I could either continue sharing them to my friends on WhatsApp or Facebook where it can be stolen without remorse. Of course, I chose to put my mental property somewhere I can control it to some extent and have money generated after.( It was the smartest thing to do)

Coupled with all of that is my bad habit of always telling people information about myself they never asked for like this article. I did it a lot on my WhatsApp status so I decided to get in one place where I can go back and laugh at how much I have grown. Talking about that I’m thinking of starting a rant category. (Sometimes I really want to complain about a lot of things.)

After deciding I wanted to start a blog my next problem was finding what to blog about and where to blog on and all those technical nerd stuff. Initially I was going to join the entertainment niche. I thought about it and it was a terrible idea. If you are a Nigerian, you probably know how hard it is to keep up with the daily gossips loaded on entertainment blogs. I’m not into gossips. Especially stories I can’t verify.

Which is why I went to a niche that wouldn’t spoil my reputation if I’m smart about it, won’t take time or too much energy. The entertainment niche is competitive but the lifestyle niche is easier. I can write at anytime and touch a lot of meaningful topics without judging anyone, celebrity or victims of circumstances.

I did a research on lifestyle blogs in Nigeria and I realized most of them were adults traveling around the world and smiling pretty. I would get there eventually but I’m currently schooling in Obafemi Awolowo University and I don’t want to fail school to tell stories that touch. So I chose to blog about something people my age can relate to.

Since most people my age can relate to student like problems, I went with the student lifestyle blog. Now I blog about student lifestyle and things that we all can relate to. I decided to add a category for my stories and a few other things like a diary I never use(I’m going to start using it eventually.), a book review category and a thoughts and introspection category where I pour out the things I think about.

My blog right now is more like my personal space where I can express myself to a lot of people and that has helped me in ways I would explain in another blog post.

Although I don’t totally have the money part figured out, the writing part is going great. There’s just one more important part, the part where you subscribe to my blog and get your friends to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss anything I post.

I’m glad I started blogging because I got exposed to a lot of stuff I never knew about and also helping people. Plus I’m really grateful to my friends for helping out with advise, sharing my posts and emotional support. Thanks guys.

This is the end of the long story. It’s not all that long but thanks for reading to the end.

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