When will OAU resume?

A little disclaimer.

     I might sound a little rude but in all sincerity I’m stating the blunt truth I wish I listened to, in the only way I know how. It’s not to mock anyone but to create an awareness that life is meant to be enjoyed.
The truth
Dear aspirant you better read it to the end so you will not start shouting I wish somebody told me.
 I’m sure if the title of the article was “five reasons why you should rest before resumption and stop asking when will OAU resume?” You still would have read it. You really just want to enter school fast fast. Home don tire you. No problem. You will soon start begging to go home. You better be patient. I’m bout to go serious on you and tell you the story of my life. Read to end. I repeat read to the end.
 Patience is a very hard to find virtue, especially when you live in a dry environment like my own. I come from a town where nothing ever happens. You could walk on the roads for minutes without seeing a single  car except for buses traveling to Ibadan or Lagos. I’m not going to say the name of my town since it has little or nothing to do with why I’m writing this article.
 After graduating from secondary school and spending a whole year doing A’levels, I just couldn’t wait to get into the University. I was tired of sitting alone at home when my siblings were in school and my parents, at work. It felt like the hands of time had stopped ticking. The calendar was my best friend and I was always on the lookout for any information I could find about the University. The funny thing is I’m not the only one that went through this or lemme say some people are going through this. It’s the main reason you are reading this article. Please keep reading. 
 I was literally always on Google browsing for when the admission list would come out. I joined WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages and subscribed to many channels that had the kind of information I wanted. All I really wanted freedom since I was always inside the house. You know the thing they call “Omo get inside” that was me. It’s not like anyone was forcing me to stay indoors but there was actually no where to go.
 When they eventually gave me admission I started with the question,” when will we resume bayii?” No one rested in the house because of me. Whenever my mum sent me on errands I will simply tell her that I will kuku soon leave her house.  If I knew that I will be begging to come home I would HV enjoyed it while it lasted.
“I’m tired of this house.”
” Every where is just dry.”
” When will we resume bayii”
“I’m smelling house already.”
” Call the VC tell him we are ready to resume.”
“Icon mayor should I pack my bags and start coming to school”
 Those are just a few of the messages my fellow aspirants abi jambites kept on asking on the aspirant groups. We would spend time gisting about how stay at home is boring and annoying instead of enjoying the peace and serenity it brought. Right now I’m thinking of one million things I should have done. Okay not up to one million but seriously I could have;
1) watched movies till my eyes begged me to stop
2) continued to watch movies even after my mum’s eyes warns me to stop. Korean, American, Japanese, Chinese, Nigerian, Indian or even Ghanian movies, anything that can Sha entertain me. Anything that is not book or school.
3) slept for hours like pomo and not worrying about resuming into stress and hard labor (yes hard labor)
4) Eaten like crazy, at least five times a day. Don’t call me alajenu. You probably dunno what’s up yet.
5) played games, a lot of games. All this PS4 stuff abi FIFA. I should have sha played games.
6) my town was kinda lifeless so no parties.
It’s not up to one million but those are the things I really wish I did. Those are the things you should be doing. I know you really want to start preparing for school. You want to start reading college physics and  chemistry text books but I’m begging you for your sake, sit your ass down and watch TV. Don’t start reading any foolish PDFs now. You have countless ones waiting for you.
When they were telling me to eat well, I was praying that OAU should resume on time. Now I’m thin like pankere. My collar bones are outside. My cheeks are flat. I don’t want to complain too much so I won’t scare some people.
I won’t advise you to stop worrying and posting you are tired of sitting at home. In fact I won’t tell you to sleep for fifteen hours a day. I will not talk. Infact keep reading all the PDFs they are sending to you. I also didn’t listen. Continue o. You will end up writing an article like this one when your exam is already dancing around the corner.
Because I’m kind hearted and I really really care, here’s something you should do instead…. It’s a tip from one concerned fellow to another. You can learn a trade. Tailoring (fashion designing), barbing, hair dressing, just learn something while you wait, who knows it might be your source of lively hood in school. It might be your saving grace when the thing called “Broke” starts to happen.
Another thing you can do to pass Time, if you are not a thin foodie like me or a movie person is to read NON ACADEMIC BOOKS. If you really feel like reading so much I can hook you up with amazing mouth watering heart flickering books and websites or apps to get them for free.
 Meanwhile I’m writing a book right now. It’s a promise that you would love it. I don’t wanna overhype but tell a friend to tell a friend to anticipate “WATERED” I would be dropping it chapter by chapter on my blog. 


Until then, I leave you with this. Enjoy your holidays like you will never be on holiday again.
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