We are not perfect but it's okay!

We are not perfect but it’s totally okay!


It’s not easy being a teenager in this times. It’s almost like the entire world is craving for perfection. “How to have the perfect skin”, “buy this to get the perfect hair”,”Here’s how to have a perfect relationship” Even when the word perfect is not used, it’s still as though they make us feel the need to be so much more.

I probably wouldn’t have figured this out if I didn’t read the book “The subtle art of not giving a fuck”. I realized that I had mounted a whole lot of pressure on myself and I didn’t even know.

No one is perfect! Not the celebrities or men of God or “political thieves”. They may not have as many problems as normal people have but they have their own kind of problems.

What is being sold to us this days is the idea that perfection equals happiness meanwhile happiness gives out perfection. Most of us spend more time trying to attain perfection than we spend doing the things that gives us genuine happiness.

I didn’t realize how much this wrong information peddled had affected me until I started to think about it. I worked twice as hard and rarely gave myself the time to breathe cause I wanted money to get the things I wanted. It’s okay to want money but damn I wanted it so bad that I shut everyone out and only spoke to people when I needed them cause I didn’t have time.

My idea of perfection was the perfect look. To get it, I had to work for the money. It later dawned on me that there is no perfect look. There is just me and that me was zoning everyone out and being selfish. That me was obsessing over the things I didn’t have and was sad.

The sadness stemmed out of me feeling pity for myself. I started to feel like I wasn’t doing enough or I was nothing and I obsessed over it. I used to think I was the only one doing that but after speaking to some friends, I realized a lot of us were like that. We lived more in our imaginations than we lived in the real world.

The sad thing about seeking perfection is that you begin to feel like the life you have is not good enough or at all. So you keep seeking to get a better life, or body, face,school, work…. The more you obsess over becoming perfect in an aspect, the more shitty you feel.

Yes it’s okay to dream but it’s not okay to live in that dream. Live in the real world, your own real world. It’s okay to want good things but while trying to get them it’s important to live and smile. It’s important to be happy.

At the very end, no matter what we have or who we are, we are not perfect. We are just humans. We might as well enjoy being imperfect. While we are not rich enough to afford the things we want, we must enjoy what we have, the life we have and strive to get something better or make something great out of our lives.

The key to perfection is to be happy and to understand that we can’t always be happy. It is what it is, the world is full of the good and the bad.

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