This life no balance

This life no balance


“This life no balance” is that word that keeps popping up in my head and out of my mouth. So much that even my brothers complete the sentence for me.

Being white is privilege, being black American is privilege, being an African living anywhere but Africa is privilege, being a Nigerian living anywhere but Nigeria is privilege, being a rich Nigerian is privilege, Being a middle class Nigerian is privilege, being a poor Nigerian is privilege. Death is inevitable.

Everyone has privileges but some people more privileged than others. We all have the privilege to live,for the rest however it cannot be guaranteed.

Most of us don’t understand our privileges till we grow up and for some people, they never. Life is so unbalanced that obsessing about it can lead to depression.

No one has everything. But it can often appear as if they have it all because they have all what we think we want.

We probably won’t know if we would want more or if we would need better. We won’t know until we have want they have and realize that there can be more.

Let’s talk about being a Nigerian. The poor Nigerian probably wants to be able to afford eating at least twice a day. Not just any type of food, good food. They probably would give anything to be middle class.

The middle class would give anything to be rich. To not live off debts and uncertainties that comes with the unstable Nigerian economy that only plunges people into more poverty.

Some of the rich would give anything to be among the ruling class in Nigeria, the ones who control the destinies of so many people. It goes on. The struggle to always be more.

The average Nigerian, probably feels cheated and down at least through half of the day because the cost of living is high.

Food is expensive, very expensive, which is why most people would do anything to leave this country. People are willing to work but the available work is not enough or does not pay well enough.

Imagine working for 30 days only to receive eighteen thousand naira at the end of the month(46.63 dollars). That was the minimum salary for years. It took several strikes to get the government to increase the minimum wage and to 30000 naira(77.72 dollars) at the end of a month.

To think that some people receive lower than 18000 naira. To imagine that some people who went to the university or polytechnics or college of education receive less than 18000 naira at the end of every month.

This life no balance at all, living and being a Nigerian makes it even worse. At a point in my life, I used to get headaches just by thinking about it.

When I think about my future, it’s almost unpredictable because everything is unstable. The university lecturers can go on ASUU strike at anytime. You can’t tell how many years you would spend in the university.

You can’t tell how long it will take for you to even get admitted to the university. There’s no telling if you will get a job after uni. In fact the country does not support clean businesses.

I don’t feel at ease or at peace around the police(most Nigerian youths have sad stories with the police.) Knowing your rights is not enough in this country. Nothing is enough if you are not among the ruling class.

Life is unbalanced all over the world but in Nigeria, life is a zigzag road.

Life is aso rock on one side of the scale and the cover of a bottle on the other.

Life is waking up and hoping that there is a future.

Life is working and knowing that your salary is finished before you collect it.

Life is constantly seeking for hope in desperate times.

Life is wishing for more and being grateful for not having less.

Life is going to the university and hoping that you won’t meet a bitter lecturer with no remorse or regard for you.

Life is starting a business and hoping that you would be patronized.

Life is dreaming. Living in the dream of a better life.

Life, life as a Nigerian is unbalanced. Life as a Nigerian is full of broken dreams and aspiration yet watching people fight through it.

It is watching people not caring about the unbalanced world,people fighting through the madness and hopelessness.

It is watching people hustle. Living, fighting for the privileges they want for themselves and their families.

Life is unbalanced but the greatest privilege is happiness. Only a few people have that.

Let me know your thoughts on “this life no balance”

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