I believe that a greater population of the world is asleep for the most part of their lives.

I compare sleeping to being a zombie on Earth. A follower. Another human roaming the surface of the earth using preexisting manuals. Manuals designed to make humans uniform.

And at some point in my journey to waking up I thought we were all put to sleep by some forces greater than us.( Maybe I still believe so)

But I have come to realize that those who were here before us have left so many clues and information regarding how to wake up from the common sleep.

The first time I realized I was asleep was when I realized I could wake up.

To be asleep is to be held down by belief systems without asking questions. It is accepting that there is such a thing as the predestined. And that there is no way out. It is surrendering your life to the society. And choosing to go through the ways the society seems acceptable.

When you are the only one awake in the midst of sleeping people, you understand the horror of waking up.

When I first woke up to what the world really was, I became depressed. I was depressed because I could see through the lies but I couldn’t understand why people told them. Or why they existed.

The first part of waking up is realizing that the world is full of lies about what is true. It is realizing that even though a lot of people claim they know, they don’t.

It is understanding that even though a lot of people claim to be awake, they are still asleep. Maybe even sleep walking.

And with so much conviction, they tell you their beliefs about the world passed down to them by sleeping people.

When you are the only one awake in the midst of sleeping people, you are bound to feel lonely. Because your perception is that no one understands you. And truly, no one would.
To everyone, you would be the weird one. The one with the distorted view. The one asking too many questions. The one wanting to know more than necessary.

But the difference between the sleeping and the awake is that one is asking questions while the other is comfortable with the beliefs they have been taught.

p.s holding on to beliefs that about yourself that are not true is limiting.

In your journey to waking up, it is easy to get distracted by people who have also almost woken up.

When I first woke up, I thought the answers to my questions lies in politics so I followed through the world of politics believing I could change the world.

Eventually, I realized that it was a distraction. And that the only way to change the world is to wake up fully. And to wake a lot of people up too.

Before then, I thought the answer was in religion. But I soon realized that the soundest sleepers were those lost in religion.

Following that, I thought the answer was in the lack of religion. And although it is almost true that you only wake up when you drop the system of beliefs altering your state of mind, it is still important to understand that you can be distracted while dropping the beliefs.
I was distracted. I thought I needed to prove existence and nonexistence to finally wake up but I was wrong. This only pushes you back into the sleep zone.

I even thought searching for a group of people who were like me, on the quest to waking up(enlightenment) would help. But I was wrong.

They only slowed me down. As everyone of them were still fighting to wake themselves up from the deep slumber that befell humanity.
With every struggle came the temptation to sleep again. With a lot of sleeping people encouraging me to sleep. To join them in darkness.

Like I said earlier on, the only way to wake up is to find the clues left by those who are already awake.

These clues are everywhere but your ability to wake up only depends on your desire to wake up. Only when you desire to wake up will you see the clues.

the horror of waking up is feeling alone, lost, confused and afraid. But it only gets better.

eventually, you would realize that you are not alone and every other thing would fall in place.

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