First half of September, my goals, mistakes and what's new.

The first half of September, my goals, mistakes and what’s new

My goals

Hello guys!

This is the first time I’m doing this but I really just want to get this off my chest.
Every month I set goals for myself but the thing is I never complete them. I want to believe I’m not the only one. It’s not like I don’t try to complete my goals, it’s just that the lazy and productive parts of me take over. I end up sleeping or just wasting time. (This can’t be me alone.)

This month the goal was simple, wake up early, exercise, drink plenty of water, meditate, make at least four blog posts in a week and focus on journaling. I mean this goals are straight forward they shouldn’t be hard except you are me. Here’s what happened to me an doing each of this goals.

1) Waking up early:

I used to wake up early sometimes until I made waking up early everyday a goal. Now I sleep until ten and I wake up disoriented. This is partly because I sleep late which is one of the things I don’t want to do this month( what is wrong with me?)

It’s not like I sleep late on purpose but night sub won’t use itself. For some reason my data subscription finishes fast so I have to make up for it with the mini but cost effective night plans. Which means I end up sleeping late and waking up late.

Moving forward, for the rest of this month I will try to sleep early.( I didn’t promise anybody. Why am I explaining myself?) Okay fine I promise to stay true to my goals. My health is more important than watching funny videos on the internet.

2) Exercise:

For me, exercising is not a big deal. I even have an app that tracks my exercises and helps me stay fit. The only problem is when I wake up late and I try to exercise. I have chores that must be done so I end up not exercising. After my chores I get tired and I just wanna bath, eat and let the day end.

Moving forward, again I just need to wake up early and do the exercise so it doesn’t affect my chores and eating breakfast as breakfast and not as lunch.

3) Drinking plenty of water:

I get that some people like water but I’m definitely not part of some people. I’m part of the people that drink water only when they hiccup. I know what’s on your mind, “no wonder she’s slim” It’s not my fault I’m not a water person but I’m trying.

The goal is simple, I just need to wake up drink two glasses of water, drink another two after breakfast, two after lunch, two after dinner and two before I sleep. I mean it’s so easy right, why can’t I just stick to the plan?

I did it for the four days before I went back to normal. Right now I’m ready to do my best. I’m ready to drink water. I notice a lot of change in my skin when I drink a lot of water.

4) Meditating:

Guys I’m happy to announce that I did this one religiously. I meditated everyday. It gives me peace. I feel calm after meditating and I get the urge to do it. I have this app that guides me during meditation. I even downloaded meditation songs and a guidebook. I will be writing on meditation and it’s benefits later this week.

5) Making at least 4 blog posts a week:

This is the part where I confess that I’m extremely lazy and its not on purpose. Sometimes, I try to write but the words don’t come or I don’t get motivated. I shouldn’t be giving excuses but…
No excuses moving forward, I must do better. I must. It’s time to start blogging more, writing more, yes motivation or not. ( Don’t be surprised if I go back to writing 2 blog posts a week.) I usually get motivated for half a day then I go back to being completely unmotivated to do any writing.

I Know successful people don’t have this lazy habits. I actually don’t know but I’m going to do better.

For the second half of this month. I have to make sure I do all of this

1) post three times a week on Instagram

2) Communicate more and stop isolating myself from the whole world.

3) Finish reading the books on my E-bookshelf.

4) Work on getting 20 more subscribers on my blog.

5) Finish black clover the anime I’m watching currently.

My mistakes:

I think the biggest mistakes I made for the first half of this month were
1) waking up late

2) Isolating myself

3) Having no regards for time management.

4) Not promoting my blog enough.

Hopefully I would do better.

New stuff

My birthday was the twelfth of this month. I actually enjoyed my day and I had a lot of wishes coming in. However, this is not the birthday post, I would be doing that later.

Speaking of new stuff, I downloaded some songs and new books. I can’t wait to share and review them.

This is the part where I say thanks for reading and I’m going to try my best to go through with my goals. Talking about my subscribers goal. You can help me by subscribing and getting your friends to subscribe.

P.s I really want to know if I’m the only one that never goes through with goals. Tell me if you do the same in the comment section.



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  1. You’re not the only one…happens to me too 😭perhaps you should write an article on “tips to curb laziness “
    Nice write up

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