Surviving teenage pregnancy in Nigeria- Adoption

How to Survive teenage pregnancy in Nigeria easily- Adoption

Surviving teenage pregnancy in Nigeria- Adoption

Surviving teenage pregnancy in Nigeria-Adoption.

Hello guys, still on teenage pregnancy here. This is one of the options you have if you are pregnant as a teenager. Teenage pregnancy is not always very easy to handle because you are faced with so many choices.

If you choose to give birth to the baby by yourself and without any pressure from anyone, it means you acknowledge that you are strong enough to go through with the trauma. This is one of the options you have if you choose to give birth to the baby.

Giving a baby up for adoption means letting a family have custody of the child. Sometimes married couples cannot have children on their own and will prefer to start raising the child when it is still an infant.

Why do teenagers give their baby up for adoption anyways:

1) Lack of support from the family on taking care of the baby:

Not everyone has a supportive family that will stand their ground and help with the expenses that comes with taking care of a baby.

2) To deal with their academics:

Some girls cannot afford to put their dreams on hold. In the case of scholarship students. Also taking care of a baby while combining it with academics and extra work might be tiring.

3) To avoid the guilt that comes with abortion:

Some people see abortion as a sin or as wickedness probably because they believe that weather the pregnancy is in the first or second trimester it is still a life.

4) To provide a better life for their babies:

Raising a child alone especially for someone with no income can be very stressful. If care is not taken the child and the mother will suffer. Giving the baby up for adoption means giving the baby a shot at a good future. If a well to do family adopts the baby, they would be able to secure the future of the child.

5)To avoid some of the future drama:

Adoption does come with it’s own drama but to a certain extent it can be avoided. If a girl chooses to give her baby up for adoption, she doesn’t have to deal with being a single mother. Meanwhile the baby will get love from both parents.

Adoption is a really good alternative to getting an abortion done. The only catch is you have no right to the baby.
In Nigeria, you can find out more about giving your baby up for adoption at the nearest Local government office or a motherless babies’ home.

To reduce the shame or questions people might be asking concerning the baby, you can move to an area where you are not known. That way you can deliver safely, without having to deal with depressing questions.

There is a Nigerian christian organization that let’s you give up your child for adoption easily. It is called Nightlight Christian adoption.


I hope this article was very helpful to you. Please let me know your thoughts. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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