Surviving Teenage pregnancy- Abortion

How to Survive Teenage Pregnancy easily- Abortion

Surviving Teenage pregnancy- Abortion

Surviving Teenage pregnancy in Nigeria- Abortion.

Yes guys I would be talking about one of the most dreaded topics in Nigeria. I would try my best to keep it as interesting as possible. Don’t even ask me why I decided to write on this topic. Okay, ask.

Here’s why. I recently stumbled upon a video of a Nigerian lady who murdered her baby and reported herself to the police. When she was interviewed as to if she’s remorseful or not, she said she doesn’t regret it. She even said that going to jail was better than having that child. She added that she wanted to abort the baby but she didn’t because her sister was superstitious about it. As a result she lost her admission.

The story struck me because there are several other similar stories like this. There are girls who would rather not keep the pregnancy because of the shame and stigma it carries but are forced to because of what their parents or guardians think. I actually think girls should be allowed to make this decisions by themselves although Abortion is illegal in Nigeria.

The topic is really a delicate one as there are several arguments that abortion should not be considered as a solution. Surviving Teenage pregnancy in Nigeria without abortion as an option makes things even more difficult.

Why do most teenage girls choose abortion?

1) Mental stability:

Not everyone is strong enough to carry the burden of having to deal with shame and stigma like I mentioned before. Our mental strengths are different. Not every teenager is capable of taking care of newborns. It takes more than a vagina and boobs to take care of a child. If the mother is depressed, she might end up with high blood pressure and might die during labour.

2) No support from family and friends:

With support, one can easily overcome the problems that come with teenage pregnancy. Imagine having to take care of yourself and a baby without help from anyone. Taking care of yourself is hard enough, combining that with the funds needed to take care of a child is even worse.

3) When their sex partner doesn’t accept the pregnancy:

When the sex partner refuses to take responsibility for the child it makes things even harder. Raising a baby alone is difficult and depressing for anyone. Moreover, a child needs to be raised in love.

4) long term effects on the baby and it’s mother:

The world is a crazy place most people will rather not marry a single mother. Even when they do they sometimes have difficulty accepting the child. Children like that end up being victims of abuse if the mother is not very careful. Moreso children born out of wedlock usually feel out of place.
Sometimes the mother might turn out to be abusive because of the instances surrounding the birth of the child. She might not be able to come to terms with it especially if she lost her dreams in the process.

5) Effect on Academics:

It takes people with strong will and zeal to be able to handle the drama that teenage pregnancy brings and still be able to concentrate on academics.

Why some teenage girls don’t choose abortion.

1) Fear of death or damage of womb:

When abortion is carried out with pills or without professional medical help one can very easily damage one’s womb or lose one’s life.

2) The guilt and depression it sometimes brings:

For some people, they believe that weather it’s a zygote or not it’s still a life. They feel that they would be wicked to end a life to save theirs.

3) They find out about the pregnancy very late:

If the pregnancy is beyond the first trimester, D and C is usually a risk. Most gynecologist will usually advise against it.

4) coercion from family and friends:

Some girls are willing to go ahead with abortion but their families, friends or guardians are against it.

5) Religion:

Most religions are against this act because they believe the zygote is a life and it would be murder to destroy a zygote.

Challenges you might face when trying to get a safe abortion done in Nigeria.

1) It’s illegal:

A number of death caused from unsafe abortion is as a result of it been illegal. Nigeria is a very religious society and it refuses to acknowledge the receipt fact that not every teenager is ready to deliver a baby. They end up going to quacks who at the end of the day destroy their moms or end their lives.

2) Abuse:

There are a number of stories of people who have been sexually abused in the process of getting an abortion done. This is why it is important for parents to be involved in this things.

3) It is expensive:

Getting a safe abortion done can be very expensive for a teenager to afford. Again involve your guardians or parents.

4) Guilt tripping from nurses or doctors:

Most people who have gone through with abortion have shared story of how they had to deal with insults and verbal torture from those who help them carry out the abortion.

Whatever you do, don’t venture into unsafe abortion. Don’t. You could be losing your life or your womb. Do not use pills that are not prescribed by a medical practitioner.

If you really and truly cannot afford to cater for a baby, you can go ahead with it. Don’t let anyone stop you if they won’t be there to help you raise the child. But, if you must go on with it, make sure whoever is helping you abort the baby knows what he/ she is doing. Don’t put your life in hands of a mediocre.

In the end it’s all about making the choice right choice. If you are a pregnant teenager, you must Know what you want. Knowing that makes it easier to make a decision. You must be sure that you are making a decision you won’t later hate or regret.

There are other options besides Abortion.

You can raise the baby if you have people who will support you against all odds.

Or you can give the baby up for adoption.

I hope this article makes your decision making easier. No matter the choice you make, understand that you can survive teenage pregnancy and come out strong.

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