Seven extracurriculars you should try

Seven extracurriculars you should try



Seven extracurriculars you should try
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Don’t be like jack. Don’t be the student with all the distinctions or with the highest CGPA but no extra sauce. Don’t be the student that only talks about books and lecturers. Be the student has the highest CGPA but still does a lot of other activities aimed at self improvement.
So far so good,I have  met so many students who are not involved in any other activities besides school work. I found that they were the most boring people to talk to. The conversation usually went something like this.
“Hello I’m Kita and you are”
“I’m Maxwell”
“What department are you ?”
“The department of zoology. Part 3.”
“So what do you do besides school work?”
“You don’t swim or sing or something.”
Yes wow. It’s super wrong to only be devoted completely to your school work. Some student’s only activity beside school work is the religious activities. While that is good,you still need to do more. If your story is more like Maxwell’s story, then there is a need for change. You need to learn more and participaate so you don’t have to deal with living a boring life.
Students like Jack or Maxwell usually give the excuse of not enough time. Time is elastic any activity you choose to do can fit into your time so far you see it as a priority.
Here’s seven extracurriculars you should try;

1) Do a sport:

Almost all the academic institutions, if not all are equipped for students to participate in sports activities. From soccer to basketball,handball, volleyball, tennis (table or lawn) karate,and so on, there are so many sports you can choose from. It’s very important to do a sport because you need to be fit mentally as well as physically. You know health is wealth.

Sports also teaches discipline and team work which is very important for growth. Speaking of discipline, I learnt that the hard way on the basketball court. I had to do twenty press-ups as punishment for every time I came to court late, argued with my coaches or didn’t listen to instructions before drills. Some sports even teaches self defense such as karate,taequando or boxing.


2)Join the debate or public speaking team:

Most students don’t join the debate team or public speaking team because they are afraid to speak in public. This is the more reason why such a student should join the public speaking team. That extra boost of confidence is very essential especially for students who will someday like to head an organization, institution or even hold a position in government offices. I learnt public speaking a long time ago and I’m always ever happy I did so.


3) learn a language:

A friend of mine learnt to speak Spanish with an app on his phone and is currently looking to learn Mandarin and other languages as well. There are so many languages in the world and technology has given us an avenue to learn any language easily. Learning a language gives you more opportunities to work in the country whose language you have learnt easily. You never really can tell when the language will come in handy.

4) learn a trade:
There are so many trades you can learn. Some of the common ones are fashion designing, barbing, hairstyling,shoe making and many others. Learning a trade gives you a chance to make money with your skills and knowledge. The trade can later on become your career choice.

5) learn a musical instrument:

learning a music instrument is very cool. Although some instruments are harder to learn than the rest. The most common instrument people learn is the piano,guitar and drums.

6) learn to sing or dance:
It gets really awkward when everyother person is grooving to a beat except you. Dancing is something every student should learn. You do not want to be the laughing stock when all your friends can dance except you.
It’s also essential to learn how to sing. Some people are so terrible at singing that when they open their mouth to sing a song, you wish they would shut up or you could disappear. If you fall in this category,you can learn to sing.
7) learn photography, go into modelling or learn crafts making:
If you have the physique for modelling, you should totally go into it. If you are not much of a picture person you can take pictures of landscape or people. Crafts making is always ever fun to engage in. Crafts making brings out creativity in students. It makes it easy for them to see things creatively and it is usually an added advantage for people involved in it.

So instead of watching movies about people doing some of this things for the better hours of the day, you should rather go all out and involve yourself in some of this activities.


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