Animes are not cartoons

Rant 2: To whom it may concern, Animes are not cartoons


First things first, I would love to establish two facts;

1) Cartoons are different from animes

2) Those who say animes are cartoons have never sat down to binge watch animes.

Now that that’s settled. I must admit, that I was once like them( the non-anime watchers/ the conclusion jumpers). In those days, I saw those who watched animes as humans beneath me. I mean, why would grown adults invest into animes that cost thousands of megabytes, money with no hope of returns?

It was then I should have really probed for an answer. What was it that they saw in animes that made them so obsessive? But I didn’t, I chose to be shallow. I chose to be one of those who would make hasty conclusions about things they no nothing about.

Well I must say that in my 4 months journey of watching Animes, I have had enough time to reflect on reasons why Animes are essential to human well being.

In this rant, I would be doing my best to convince non-anime watchers to come to the light. I would be evangelising and revealing truths most Nigerians don’t know about animes.

Before every evangelism, there is always a need to convince the sinner(non-anime watchers) that he/she is sinning. I’m so not religious but to be honest the only way you can convince anyhow to change their belief system is by providing a solid argument. For that, I would be giving benefits of watching Animes.

4 benefits of watching Animes you probably didn’t know about

1) Animes make you more intelligent:

Contrary to what most people think about animes, watching Animes can actually make you more intelligent. Although, it depends on how you watch it, and what animes you watch.

Animes generally come with lessons on almost everything. From Life to love, friendships, wars and hate, you can learn so much from the many anime characters.

Intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean booksmart, so it’s safe to say that watching anime can provide with a bit of social IQ and emotional IQ.

If you watch keenly and you pay attention to the dialogues, actions and causes you will find that many of the characters and plots are designed to communicate real life issues and solutions in ways that can easily be understood.

Watching animes like Attack on Titans and Death note, will surely convince you that some anime writers are very intelligent, intelligent people watch animes and yes, animes are not cartoons.

Death note cover
Characters in death note.

2) Animes reduce stress:

Owing to the fact most animes contain varying bright colors, Animes can easily change your mood from bad to good. Bright colours actually improve your moods and science backs up this claim.

Even the early Egyptians made use of chromatherapy as an healing technique.
Most people don’t know that the colours Red and violet have been proven by a British study to increase adrenaline. Chances are that if you wear red for a race, you are more likely to win(bonus information).

That’s besides the point anyways but it’s important for you to also know that colours like green and yellow have been proven by University of Amsterdam to make you happier (now you know why smileys are yellow). Also blue makes you calmer. Next time you feel stressed stare at the clouds or maybe watch anime.

Although some animes come in very dull colours especially those with depressing themes.

Popular animes like Naruto, My hero Academia and Black clover have very bright colors that would definitely make you feel less stressed. Coupled with this is the fact they have lively characters.

Black clover

3) Amazing plots with magnificent twists and turns:

Not all Animes have great plots but there are so many super dope animes you can choose from.

Quick tip: Attack on Titans will burst your brain. The twists are mad delicious and nerve wrecking.

Attack on titans
TBH Cartoons are never this serious.

Honestly speaking, it would be outrightly ridiculous to watch an anime like Death note and still scream that animes are like cartoons. Death note will serve you cold chills and suspense.

People don’t die in cartoons. People die in animes and yes there’s a lot of blood in animes. Although, Animes like Dragonball are bloodless. That’s why Dragonball is currently aired on cartoon Network.

4) There’s a genre for everyone:

If you’re a fan of romance novels or movies, you have nothing to worry about as there are so many animes to romantic animes to choose from

Are you into fantasy and action like me, well there’s enough for you to binge watch.

Think of any movie genre, there’s an anime that fits perfectly.

Special note to Non-anime watchers/conclusion jumpers

I have only given 4 reasons why you should start watching Animes but there are so many more reasons you will discover once you start watching.

Animes will make you fall in love with characters and never forget them. It’s top notch entertainment you shouldn’t be missing at all.

5 important highlights of this rant

1) Animes are not cartoons.

2) Most Animes are more character driven with great plots than cartoons.

3) Animes are more realistic with awesome benefits than cartoons.

4) Animes promise great entertainment that you should not miss out on.

5) You would never know how good animes are unless you watch em.

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With this few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that Animes are not cartoons and that you are missing out on a lot.

If you are an anime lover and you constantly get nagged at for watching anime, then you should be sharing this article with those nagging you.

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