7 problems you face staying off campus in OAU

7 Problems you face when staying off campus

Problems you face staying off campus

7 problems you face staying off campus in OAU

It is not news that many new students prefer to take accommodation off campus. The reason is mostly because of the unlimited freedom. Freedom they say comes with a price, and in OAU or any Nigerian university the price is great. In this article I will discuss the challenges I faced staying off campus  in OAU

The problems


1) Transport wahala:

Although there are many campus shuttles, the transport system will still give you issues. Monday mornings are usually the worst. There would be so many people standing at the busstop trying to get a bus. If you are not smart, you would end up going late.

Tuesdays and Thursdays also comes with hiccups. In great ife, it is a tradition that SER(an elective course in English language) holds on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is a very compulsory elective course which all fresh men are expected to take. As a result there would be so many people struggling to get bus for the eight o clock lecture. I remember this one time I almost broke my arm because I was struggling for bus. It wasn’t a funny sight.

Another added problem is the bus not filling up on time when you need to get to school. Imagine you have to get to school by ten for a class and you left home around nine fifty and ended up leaving the bus stop by ten minutes after ten. It is a regular challenge you must be willing to face when staying off campus. That’s just getting to school, imagine when it’s time to go home.

Added to this is the transport fare. It’s not expensive but comparing it to staying on campus,it is.
On the other hand if you stay on campus you may not experience any of this issues.


2) security issues:

off campus, the security of you, your phone and your other gadgets are not guaranteed. I’m not saying your gadgets are safe on campus but to some reasonable extent, you are safe. In places like Ooduduwa, student hostels are often robbed. “Submit your laptops or lose your life”yup, it happens a lot. In fact a friend told me of how his net was torn and his phone was stolen from the window.


3) Expensive Rents:

If you want to live very comfortably off campus you will be renting a self con for nothing less than one hundred thousand naira. Just because of this sole reason, many people are forced to look for roommates. Roommates can be very crazy at times. They can be very frustrating but then you need them if you are staying off campus in a an apartment you can’t afford alone.


4) miscellaneous problems:

I once forgot my Id card at home before a test. I had to rush back home. The stress I went through waiting for the bus to be filled on campus, running to my room and coming back to wait for another bus to fill up was not an easy one. If I had school accommodation, I could easily have spent 10 to 15 minutes getting my ID card.


5) scamming from agents:

As resumption approaches many fake agents will start surfacing. You need to be very careful with them. They will send countless adverts on WhatsApp. Make sure you don’t pay without seeing the apartment and meeting the owner of the house.


6) Electricity issues:

This is one of the main reasons why I recommend that freshers stay on campus. In some part of Ife, electricity is terrible. Some of my friends and course mates may not have light for over three to four days when rain falls. There is always light in the Halls of residence on campus. Even when anything happens to the power supply, it is fixed immediately.


7)water supply palaba:

If you by any chance get a room without water supply then you have one more problem to deal with. One of my good friends even got a room with good water supply but somehow their pumping machine spoilt. Now he has to cross the express road everymorning with a keg on his head. Just imagine the horror.


In conclusion;

Staying off campus can be very fun but be prepared to face this challenges.

If you found this article helpful, leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.

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