Proactive vs reactive student, what kind of student are you?

Proactive vs reactive student, what kind of student are you?


Proactive vs reactive student, what kind of student are you?

Proactive vs reactive student, what kind of student are you?

Proactivity is actually one of the most important skills any Nigerian student can learn. I mean it is needed in every field in the world. Weather you are into sports academics, business, fashion or whatever proactivity is pretty much a big deal. So what then is proactivity.

Proactivity is taking responsibility for your life and the choices that you make. It is being responsible for every that happens to you and how you react to events that have happened or about to happen.

People are divided into two (proactive and reactive people.)based on how they think or react to events. In this article, we would be talking about how being proactive or reactive affects you as a student.

The reactive student

Many of us students fall into this category. If you do any of the things listed below then you are a reactive student.

1)You are controlled by the environment:

Reactive students usually let the environment control how they think or what they do. When the weather is bad you might feel bad or moody i.e you let the weather control the way they think.

Reactive people let their upbringing or the environment they grew up in affect their life choices. A Nigerian student might say he turned out as a failure because he attended a terrible public school. Meanwhile some other students who attended the same public school turned out great.

The truth is the environment should not control what becomes of our life. We control that.

2) You give excuses for your bad choices:

If you always have an excuse for all your bad decisions then you are reactive. A reactive student always as an excuse for not doing an assignment or for not performing well in a test.
You may blame the teacher for setting an exam that’s too hard when you fail. Instead of asking yourselves the question “why did I fail? What don’t I understand?” You might even blame the examiner for changing their seats during the exam. Especially if you already made plans to cheat or copy.

Reactivity is almost like a curse, it prevents growth. Reactive students never stop giving excuses, those who keep giving excuses for failure never stop failing.

3) You worry about your problems more than you think of a solution:

If you drown in your problems, rather than thinking of a good solution then you are reactive.

Imagine that you fail an important exam, say Post UTME or WAEC. Then you continue crying,brooding or complaining about your failure so much that you don’t think of how to solve the problem. At the end of the day the tears don’t solve the problem.

Reactive people only see the problems, they never see the solution. You can only see a solution when you think of a solution. Instead of thinking of how big the problem is, focus on how to solve the problem.

4) You let others decide your life for you:

If you have an habit of letting other people make crucial decisions for you then you are reactive.

Say you let your parents choose what course you want to study in the university or what university you want to attend. You might end up not liking the course or the university which will make you less productive.

You should never let other people be the driver of your life. Be strong and make the right decisions yourself.

5) You have an entitlement mentality:

You feel as though they entitled to other people’s money or effort.

For instance, you have a brilliant best friend and you expect that because you are her friend she must teach you during the exam. Like you have a right to her brainwork. When she doesn’t and you end up failing, you feel bad, sad and you blame her for your failure.

People with entitlement mentality hardly move forward in life.

6) You don’t prepare for events until it is too late:

Reactive people need to be told what to do and when to do it. If you dont do things until they see others doing it then you are definitely reactive.

Reactive students don’t start reading for exams until two three days to the exam. A wise man once said “proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

These are the major characteristics of reactive people. The truth is reactive people have it hard when it comes to succeeding.
Reactive people never see opportunities until it is way too late. But proactive people on the other hand do.

Proactive students

Most successful people career, business and family wise are usually proactive people. If you do any of the following things then you are productive.

1)You take responsibility:

You make it an habit to take responsibility for your life. If you have any problems with any part of your life, you accept that it is your life and it is your job to fix it and make things better.

Let’s say you fail an exam, instead of blaming the examiner or teacher you make an effort to find out what you didn’t understand and how you can be better. Doing that gives you a room to improve and grow.

Those who takes responsibility for their actions always forge ahead.

2) You prioritize things you can control:

Rather than worrying over things you have no power over, you focus on the ones which you can control.

For instance, you don’t control where you will sit during an exam or who you will sit with because it is subject to change so you don’t worry about it. Instead you try to prepare efficiently for the exam since you can control that. This is the mindset of a proactive person.

3) You accept your failure and focus on success:

Unlike reactive people who continue worrying over their failures, you accept that failure is part of life. You learn from your mistakes and failures and move forward.

If you failed a course, you look at the areas you didn’t really understand and try to get someone to explain it better to you or you use other textbooks. That’s been proactive.

4) You anticipate for the future:

You don’t wait for events to happen before you start preparing. You are always ready.
You prepare for surprise tests or quiz so when other students complain about not preparing for the test you are rest assured that you would be making good grades.

5)You are self initiated:

You don’t need to be told what to do before you start doing it. You do the right things at the right time.

6) You are change oriented:

While others complain about things and do nothing about it, you take charge and cause a change to happen.
You don’t just dream about things you make them happen.

Proactive people do well in whatever sphere they find themselves in because of their ability to adapt, focus and actualize


Are you proactive or reactive? If you are reactive, you are doing yourself a lot of harm. Reactive people don’t grow and are usually stuck in the same cycle for years. It is important for you to change and become more proactive.
Are you proactive or reactive?

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