Interview with Adebayo Ifetoba on living in Benin republic

On studying in Benin republic- An interview with Adebayo Ifetoba.

I wanted to kick off this category a long time ago but I didn’t feel like I was ready to commit to it but now I am.

My plan is to interview as many Nigerian youths as possible. Both students and working class youths in different fields.
The reason I’m doing this is because a lot of our stories don’t get told. I hope to share as many people’s stories as I can.

Today’s interview

I interviewed one of my closest friends in secondary school who is currently studying in a neighboring country.

Let’s just say I was a bit curious about studying in Benin republic. So I asked if he was interested in answering some questions about studying over there and he agreed.

I really enjoyed the interview and I bet you would too.

Adebayo Ifetoba looking like lagbaja

1)Thank you for being part of this interview. Please tell us a bit about yourself? What school do you study in and what do you do?

My name is Adebayo Ifetoba
I’m 19 years
A 400lvl student of computer engineering technology at Houdegbe North American university, benin republic.

2) What made you decide to study abroad? Was it a personal choice or was it influenced?

It was both a personal choice and it was also influenced. I got admission to study computer engineering at the federal university of technology akure (FUTA) but they wanted me to try other options, it was either lead city Ibadan or benin republic.

I didn’t want to stay in a private uni in Nigeria so I decided to check the school out and it was alright when I saw it
So I decided to apply for it.

3)Tell us about the course you study?
Why computer engineering?

I’ve always wanted to study engineering right from when I was little but I wasn’t really sure which one, as I continued to grow older, I saw myself being fascinated by the gadget tech world and that made me think of studying computer engineering, to get closer to the world I was fascinated by.

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4)Did you at any point in time experience a cultural s hock? What do they do there that don’t do here? How easy was it to fit in?

Not really, there’s no much difference aside from the currency , the type of food they eat atimes , they love dressing in Ankara a lot also the official language is French unlike for us it’s English.

We sometimes joke and call the country Lagos extension.

It wasn’t hard to fit in cos when I started staying there, I lived with Nigerians and they got me used to the place a bit.
They are also really into the whole voodoo world 😂

They even have a public holiday for it
I think they are ranked number 1 in the world when it comes to voodoo. So I heard.

5)So how easy is it to get Nigerian food or do you just eat their food.

It’s actually very easy

There are lots of Nigerian restaurants where I stay around except if you stay deep in town then you might find it a bit difficult
If you don’t want to buy food all the time , you can also get the foodstuff you need around.

Nigerians are a lot there so it’s very easy to get them.

6) What are your worst and best moments living in Benin republic

My worse moment living here is definitely when I slept in police station.
I won’t say I have any best moment yet

7)Which police would you consider as the worst or most corrupt, The Nigerian police or Benin republic?

Nigerian police no cap.

Atleast benin police still work on informants and investigations although they still over do it and also collect bribe but most of the time.

You are sure you won’t be persecuted for an offense you didn’t commit but if you enter a misunderstanding with a citizen , you are obviously going to have the lower hand in the case. They are still better than the Nigerian police.

8) Were there times you missed home and wished you studied in Nigeria instead? What did you miss most about Nigeria?

Not at all

9)What does your average school day look like?

We don’t have as much lectures as Nigeria
Just the courses needed essentially for what you are studying .

So at most 6 hours of lecture for a day and I’m done

My school just got out of a crisis after a long time , so it’s still booting back up but that might take a while.

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10)How do you have fun in school?

There are usually lots of dinners, house parties and shows.

There are clubs , game houses , beaches , hangout spots to go to also
What do you do to balance fun with academics?

I really don’t do anything , i just do it as it is
There are times I’ve gone to class hungover or high😂 or go for a party during exam.

11)Compare the cost of living in Benin republic to Nigeria. Which is higher?

If you work over there and you get paid really well in the currency , the cost of living is pretty good but if you have to change from naira to cefa with the present exchange rate, it’s really high if you compare it.

12)How easy is it to transport yourself from Nigeria to Benin republic?

Depends on where you follow
There’s a main border where most of the focus is on, that’s the Seme border and it’s the most annoying of all cos you’ll have to encounter custom, immigration, police when sars were still operating you’ll see them there, even the army too but the other two idiroko and owode are a lot easier to pass with or without an international or ecowas passport.
The roads leading to the 3 border from Nigeria are in bad conditions tho so sometimes we take boats to make it a bit faster and less stressful.

The next 5 questions are random questions.

Adebayo Ifetoba in school

13? Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Which is your favorite why

I’m not on Twitter but it’s definitely Twitter 😂
Not much of a social media person but the cruise on Twitter is mad abeg 😂

14) Rap, Trap or afro and why

Can’t I just choose all 😂

Me- Choose one o
There’s always a rap for whatever mood I’m in
Sometimes you just wanna listen to rap , get high and let life move on 😂

15) 1000 Bitcoins or 1 million dollars? Why

1000 bitcoins is worth more than a million dollars at the moment so it obvious that’s what I’ll choose

The 30 days challenge I never completed

Day1: where do you see yourself in 10 years time

Day 3: write a list of things you want to achieve in your life

16)Open relationship or closed relationship with a cheat

Neither, not a relationship person
But if I were to be in one, it would be closed

17)Sleep in a room with people sleeping snoring or sleep outside in the cold

😂 Omo outside in the cold

Final question

18) Would you advise Nigerian students to study in Benin and why?

If you don’t have a strong mindset, I wouldn’t advise you not to cos you would easily lose focus .

Nigerian universities have a larger selection of course majors to choose from so you might not always find what you want in benin
But it’s a good place to study tho.

Adebayo Ifetoba in Benin republic


I hope you learnt something new from Ifetoba’s experience. If you have any questions related to studying in benin republic, you can ask in the comment section.

Check out Ifetoba on Instagram.

His handle is Ife_toba. Make sure you follow him.

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