On self love and everything in between.

On self love and everything in between

No one ever teaches us how to love our selves. They expect us to know but we won’t know unless we learn. Most times, the things regard as self love are just desperate cries for help.

We posts pictures emphasizing on how much we love ourselves through captions. When in truth, we spend several minutes criticizing the pictures and wondering if we are good enough. Self love is not just posting self love quotes, it is deliberately loving ourselves. Self love is knowing that we are not perfect but we are enough and worthy of love.

Often times, people remind us that a part of us is lacking. It may be because a part of them is lacking too but they would rather shift the spotlight from them to us. Self love is identifying people that seek to put us down to feel better about themselves. Self love is putting them in their place and not taking the things they say to heart.

The society most especially reminds us to love ourselves, to be ourselves but they are ready to put us down if we dare act differently. If we dare challenge faulty principles tagged culture, forcing us to live a certain way and seeking to control our minds the society becomes enraged. Self love is identifying what makes us different. It is celebrating the things that make us unique.

Since life is full of ups and downs, it’s important that we love ourselves through all situations. When things seem bad, we must remember that it won’t stay bad forever and so we must only focus on solutions.

Our minds will naturally only think of more problems but we must remember that problems have solutions. And if they don’t, why waste time worrying about them? Self love is focusing on things we have control over.

To practice self love correctly, you must spend time with yourself, learning about you and the things you really love. As it is possible for you to not know yourself. Because most times we see ourselves only from other people’s eyes. To love us, we must see us.

You must also understand that although you love yourself, you still have flaws that you have to work on in order to become a better individual. But before you can work on those flaws, you would have to accept yourself and understand why it is necessary to get better or to become a better version of yourself.
You should also restrain from criticizing yourself when you do not meet your target for working on yourself. Instead, enjoy the change and the transition. Loving yourself, is learning to be less self critical.

How to discover yourself in five easy steps. 

There would be times when life would get so tough that you would need to cry. Allow yourself to go through those emotions because you are human. Don’t suppress them. Rather experience them. Do not get stuck in the sad times. However you must learn to focus on the positives. Move forward and wipe away your tears.

Self love is the first step in self Improvement. Life is too short to not engage in self love. We may not be taught this in school, but it is important to learn.


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