Coffee with kita- Never confuse opinions with facts

Success nuggets- never confuse opinions with facts.
Welcome to the first ever coffee session with Kita.


Never confuse opinions with facts

I learnt this lesson the hard way. Yup, I’m about to tell you a story you didn’t ask for. It was 2015 and I had just finished my junior secondary school and had proceeded to senior secondary school as a science student of course mostly because most people thought I was brilliant enough to study the course(this story is becoming so dramatic or maybe not. Maybe not.)

Since we never did biology, physics or chemistry in junior secondary school, I visited my seniors to learn more about the subjects. Most of my seniors  seemed to think physics and furthermaths were super hard. Well, that is the lesson. Because my seniors thought furthermaths and physics were hard, I took it as a fact and resumed to senior secondary school believing the subjects were too hard.

That single opinion turned fact made me fail those subjects a lot until I decided that it was not as hard as they made it seem. Since then, Kita learnt the difference between opinions and facts.

In many ways we confuse people’s opinions with facts and this can lead to confusion and problems. It’s best to learn to work,talk and think with facts rather than opinions.

You can share your story with us in comment section. Tell us if you have ever confused opinions with facts and how you realized it.


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  1. My story of wrong decision is about my admission into tertiary institution. Due to my jamb score of 250+ that's obviously not enough for medicine, I was to do a change of course from medicine to physiology then after 100level in physiology, I can cross into the department of medicine but I couldn't do it. I was made to change my plans by the opinions of people. Most of them said I'll never be able to cross into dept of medicine, I shouldn't even dare, that it's never possible. I took a wrong decision by following the opinions of people. I later got to know after a year that people do the crossing and the system works very fine in the university I was to apply then.
    I made a very wrong decision by confusing opinions with facts. *#not_anymore*

  2. My own story is about when I wanted to study a course in the university, alot of people told me their opinion about the course, which is "those courses ain't reliable concerning the choice of job in Nigeria" thank God I didn't believe in it, I went on to study the course and now I am in a better place, all because of the course.
    So since then I believe my success is in whatever I study well for….
    Thanks Kita for this great piece…..

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