Is it good to study with music

Is it good to study with music? The real truth!

If there’s anything I have learnt from going to night class, it is the fact that most Nigerian students love having their ears plugged while reading.


For some students, it is a technique for Keeping sleep away and for some it’s a way of aiding assimilation.

For most students however, it’s a really really big distraction. We go from reading to shaking their head, dancing and then repeating the lyrics. Next thing we know, we are in a cloud of music, far away from our studies.

The question stands, is studying with music good or bad?

Actually science says music aids study and retention. I actually found that music has a lot of benefits. Here’s a link giving more details about science and music research in case you want to bigger picture. This is my own summary of the benefits of music.

1) It aids retention and study
2) It is therapeutic. It can remove pain or headaches.
3) It blocks out distracting background noise.
4) It improves grades.
5) It improves student’s ability to learn and process information.
6) It improves spatial reasoning skills.
7) It reduces anxiety and takes away stress.
Music can also be very distracting but I came up with a few tips for you to consider when choosing music to study.
Frankly speaking, when it comes to studying with music, not everything goes.
The wrong kind of music can easily push you into the beautiful arms of sleep or leave you dancing.

Tips for picking the right song for study

1) The Volume must be moderate:

Music is good for study but when it is too loud, it gives your brain too much work to do.

Your brain will have will have a hard time completing both tasks effectively.
The music becomes a distraction to your study.

It’s better to make the music not too high or too low.

2) Moderate tempo:

It’s best to keep the tempo moderate. It has to be in between. Fast beat will have you dancing and nodding. Slow beat can make you zoom off to dream land.

3) Calming and relaxing:

Before you can unlock the many benefits of studying with music,you must be sure that the music can help you calm down and relieve you of stress.

4) The right Genre:

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing music for study.
These genres are known to give all the benefits mentioned above;

a) Classical music:

Some scientists through research proved that people who listen to classical music are very productive.

b) Ambient sounds:

It means the background noise present at a scene. It could be sounds of raindrops or nature.

c) Smooth Jazz:

This is my favorite by the way. Jazz helps me take away my headaches and makes me feel more relaxed.

d) soft rock and hip-hop

5) No real lyrics:

Music with lyrics can easily become distractions especially if it’s your favorite song or a song whose lyrics you know from top to bottom.

It’s better to study with music that has no lyrics. It helps you study faster because it will block out distractions from the background.

6) Create a playlist:

It can be very annoying when you are listening to a very relaxing song and you suddenly start listening to a song with a totally different feel(it annoys me a lot).

Which is why it is important to create a playlist with songs for study following the other tips.

7) Use soundcloud app:

I recommend using soundcloud app to pick study music. From experience, there are several great playlist expertly arranged to improve your study experience. If you don’t have the sound cloud app, you can hit this link.


While music might be good for study, the wrong music can easily distract you and cause failure.
The tips above are tested tips and I’m sure you will find them useful.
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