If you have to do it at all then you have to do it your best

Success nuggets-If you have to do it at all then you have to do it your best

Ever heard the saying, anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. I bet you have. Excellence is not a gift,it is just a person’s ability to perform a task in the best way possible and we all know that the reward of excellence is great.
With much gladness in heart I’m happy to announce to you that I’m not dropping any story you didn’t ask for. Only points. I promise just points.
– There is always that temptation to say I’m gonna do it later, but you gotta say I’m gonna do it now.
– sometimes, you just really wanna just get the task done as fast as possible, even if it’s not even a little bit close to perfection. Stop eettt!!!
– Just because the task is small and normal, you might just choose to do it anyhow.  Seriously, don’t do it, I mean stop eettt.
– Did you know that just by doing something at the right time and doing it as well as possible, you can save time and avoid unnecessary criticism. So now you know if you didn’t know.
– Did you also know that putting your best possible efforts into whatever you do has  great rewards. 
-regardless of you been monitored or watched you still have to do your best. Even if it is as small as sweeping the floor. Don’t sweep the dirts under the carpets. Little things like that determines the kind of person you will turn out to be,a success or a failure.
-From one student on holiday to whoever is reading this post, successful people always put in their 100% effort,else they would be like every other person. 
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