Aisha Adebimpe Bankole

I interviewed Aisha Adebimpe Bankole on being a young entrepreneur


My second interview

This is the second interview I’m having in this series and I’m super excited. If you haven’t read the first interview I had with Adebayo Ifetoba on studying in Benin republic, you should totally do that now.

I met Aisha on a writing group where we would write poetry and short stories. It used to be very fun but we don’t use the group anymore. But I’m still in touch with Aisha and a few others.

To be honest tho, I had a lot of fun on the group. As much as I love writing, I love reading other people’s works and Aisha gave us that platform. Thank you so much sis for the platform.( She always calls me sis. I like it.)

Lemme brag a little, I kind of won two competitions on the group😁😁😗. I won gifts yeah😌

Enough of the gist

Let’s just get to the interview

An interview with Aisha Adebimpe Bankole

1)Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, What you do and where you school.

Aisha Adebimpe Bankole

Thank you for hosting me, I feel honored.
I’m Aisha Adebimpe Bankole. I’m an entrepreneur as I own a laundry store and also deal in gadgets business, I’m also a serial volunteer and own a travel vlog/blog (AdvenTours with Aisha). I’m currently a student of the University of Ilorin.

2) What made you consider business? Have you always been a business person or was it birthed out of the need to survive?

No, it wasn’t birthed out of the need to survive.
I started business when I was in my 100L second semester when I started becoming uncomfortable with my allowance.

I hated that I had to call home every time I needed something, so I sat down and thought of what to do to compliment my allowance. It was only business that came to my mind.

But ever since I started it has been like a learning phase for me and not even for survival, it has been an avenue for me to grow, meet new people and also learn and unlearn a lot of things.

So far it has been my best decision ever, even though running a business isn’t easy at all.

3)Take us through your business journey. What were the challenges you faced when you first started doing business?
What mistakes did you make?

I made a lot of mistakes for real, lost a lot of money but I thank God for my mum and my then boyfriend now ex who really stood by me through my first phase of business and made my learning phase easy for me and not overwhelming.

The first challenge I faced was pitching my business to people, I’m not really the shy type but then when it got to my business it was different.

I was so shy and scared to talk about my hustle because I felt like I was begging for money so to say. And whenever I approached people I got snubbed and all. With time I overcame it now I’m not even ashamed of anything, I’d say starting a business boosted my self confidence.

My second challenge was being scammed, I was scammed quite a lot of time before I finally outsmarted a lot of things, I don’t think anyone can avoid this in business sha.

The last challenge was when my business was growing, I found it hard to adjust to being a student and running business but with time I got over it and even though it’s not easy but at least it’s better now.

4) Tell us about your worst business experience. What happened and how did you fix it?

My worst business experience happened to me last year and as much as I don’t think I’ve healed enough to talk about it, I will.

I lost more than half a million to shipping of laptops, it wasn’t my first time.

But then the pandemic happened and I just had to get those goods, so I was offered an opportunity to pay less for shipping not knowing the container that wants to be used to ship the goods contained contrabands.

When the container got to the port all the goods in the container were seized. I wanted to faint, it was a very tough time for me, it was like seeing everything I worked for going away right in front of me.

It was so hard for me that I had to take a break from social media, I was really devastated that I was already contemplating suicide.

How did I fix it? My mum, I’d say God always uses my mum to help me overcome a lot of things. She really helped me get over it, then I reached out to Mentally aware Nigeria who really came through for me and then my best friend, he really stood by me and made sure I was okay.

It was after this incident I knew I needed another source of income, hence my laundry store.

5)You have a blog and a blog, what you to start one?

I started my blog out of boredom during the lockdown but now I’d say the motive has changed as I want to use my blog to make people walk out of their shell and explore so many new places.

6) How do you manage your blog, vlog business and academics? It’s a lot.

Haaa, that’s one part of me I’ve not been able to balance and I’m still trying very hard to balance it all, one of the reasons my vlog/blog have been lagging with contents and all, I have so many contents on ground but to put it into life has been really hard because I’m always busy with one thing or the other.

So I’m hoping after school I’d be able to face my blog/vlog squarely.

7) You also do volunteer work, tell us how you started and where the passion came from?

I can’t really say how it started but I know the passion came from love for humanity, I’ve always wanted to serve humanity right from time so when I got into the university I applied to volunteer for a few NGOs and I was accepted.

I’m currently the finance director for One African Child Kwara state region, the programs director for the Say No to suicide initiative and also a team lead for the Girls to Women Initiative.

Get to know me

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8) About studying in the university of Ilorin, what’s your best and worst experience?

My best experience was having to struggle to take a bus or to write CBT exams (I know it’s weird but that’s my best experience, lol) and my worse experience was when my ex broke up with me during my exams, lol.

9) You describe yourself as a serious student, unserious student or somewhere in the middle kinda student?

Somewhere in the middle

10) If you could choose to study in any other university apart from Unilorin, which would it be?

Harvard 😂

11) With everything you are into, how do you maintain your mental health?

By always taking myself out and taking a break when I think I need it, I just shut everything down and take a break.

12) What’s does fun mean to you? How do you like to have fun?

Fun means a lot of things to me, it just depends on what I’m craving for at that moment.

Sometimes it’s to hangout and flex with my friends, sometimes it’s just to hang out all by myself and sometimes it’s to see a movie or just write.

It all depends on what I’m craving for at that moment, I don’t think I really have a definition for it.

So let’s get to the random questions

There are just 5 questions in this section.

Are you ready

13) Davido Wizkid or Burnaboy choose one.


Me: So it’s a no brainer

I actually love Davido and Wizkid but then Davido’s songs always come through for me

14) Single, Taken or God when

God when oooooo
I’m screaming it sef

15) If you were a Nigerian food, what would you be and why?

Amala because I’m dark and sweet

Aisha Adebimpe BankoleI

16)Would you accept one million dollars if it means you must marry someone you don’t love

Yes! 💀

Me: Haa😂😂😂

I like money 😂

17)5 things you love about Nigeria and 5 things you hate💆🏾‍♀️

Let me start with the hate 😂

1. I hate Nigeria for not giving me a conducive environment to school and also run my business

2. I hate Nigeria for giving me selfish and self centered governments.

3. I hate Nigeria for making me hate it

4. I hate Nigeria for putting me through all these stress to make money when I should be living the baby girl lifestyle

5. Finally I hate Nigeria with passion


1. I love Nigeria for nothing (twisted bah)

2. I love Nigeria for giving me Nigerians who are always finding ways to catch cruise with everything

3. I love Nigeria for making me look forward to leaving it

4. I love Nigeria for not making me waste my strength and time to be patriotic

5. I love Nigeria for giving me over dramatic citizens to relate with

Me: What😂😂OMG I wasn’t expecting this at all.

Aisha: It’s anger o 😂😂😂

18) What is your advise to anyone who would like to run a successful business on campus.

Aisha: Hmmm

1. Surround yourself with people who would only add value to your life.

2. Don’t think of what people would say, “just do it” like Nike😂 .

3. Build your self confidence and don’t ever try to be someone you’re not.

4. Try to sell your market at every opportunity you’ve got except in the exam hall sha.

5. Lastly, spend wisely and don’t spend the money you’re supposed to save or reinvest.

A little self love please

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Aisha sells a number of gadgets and gizmos like she already mentioned. P.s she has the best delivery service ever. She delivers everywhere and fast.

Support my sis. Patronize her and check her out on all her handles.

On Instagram her gadget store handle is bee’s_concept

Her personal Instagram handle(She takes beautiful pictures) is b_eesha_

Her YouTube channel

If you live in Ilorin, this is your laundry plug. Check out the IG page to see how much it would cost you to wash your laundry. I assure you that it’s affordable for students and the whole family.

Here’s a link to her blog. She’s a great writer

If you have any more questions for her, ask in comment section below.

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