How to write the perfect Valentine's message

How to write the perfect Valentine’s message

How to write the perfect Valentine’s message for your partner.

It’s that season of the year again. The Cupid season. It is the season to remind your partner of your love for them and what better way to do this than to write the perfect Valentine’s message that speaks directly from the heart.

Valentine’s day is all about making your partner feel special. With the following tips you can make your loved ones feel special with ease.

The tips

1) Use sweet words:

The perfect love message has to have a lot of sweet names. You can say, Dear, cutie pie, honey, darl, lollipop,candycrush. Whatever you want to go with make sure it’s all mushy mushy.

2) Avoid cliche phrases:

Some phrases are so common that it doesn’t even make the heart thump. Phrases like ” you are the most beautiful lady in the world.” As sweet as the sentence seems, it doesn’t give the desired effect. Rather than that it is advisable to write “although there might be so many beautiful ladies in the world, you are all I see.” The former raises doubts while the latter clears all forms of doubts
Instead of writing “you are the love of my life” which is very common, you can go with.”since we met your love has added more meaning to my life.”
*You mean so much to me
Instead- I never thought anyone would matter this much to me.
*I can’t do without you
Instead- I can’t imagine a life without you in it.
The key is knowing what you want to tell your partner and writing in the way that shows your desire for them.

3)Don’t forget the Emojis:

whenever I get ‘I love you’ without emojis it seems bland. Like its incomplete and colourless. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that feels that way. The perfect love message has to have emojis. I love you😍😘💋💖. Now that looks eye catching.

4) Highlight your partner’s good qualities:

Everyone loves compliments. The perfect Valentine’s message has to have a lot of it. There’s so much you can compliment in your partner From their hair,to their eyes, to their nose,their smile,their legs arms… Anything.
Special tip:Don’t  compliment directly.
*I  love your eyes.
Instead: your eyes are so beautiful that whenever I look into it, I feel as though I’m in front of a god. I would worship you if God won’t be jealous. 
I haven’t seen a god before but hey, I bet my partner would most definitely smile after reading it.
*You have nice legs.
Insteadyour legs are so straight and beautiful that I can’t help but stare at them whenever you walk pass.
Your partner would most likely be checking out his/her legs in the mirror every chance he gets.
Special tip: whenever you compliment your partner. Make sure you use comparisons.

5) Include good memories:

Nothing spells love like sweet sweet memories. Remind your partner of how you first met. Was it on a bus?in the classroom ?on the queue? Let them know. To make it even more intriguing add details using all your five senses.
*Your eyes: what did you see when you met your partner. Was it her smile that caught your attention or the clothes she wore?
*Your nose: Do you remember what her scent was. What was the smell of the place where you met. Or what was the weather like? Was it the dry harmattan air?
* Your ears: was there music in the background? Include it in your write up. You would be surprised by how much it would bring it to life.
*Touch: when your hands met for the first time, what was it like?
To make it even more emotional, you can add your worst moments with your partner and how it made you feel.

6)Make hopeful promises:

Don’t make promises so big that you can’t keep them. Don’t promise what you can’t afford, don’t promise all the Guccis in the world if you can’t afford it. When I say make hopeful promises I mean;
* Baby I am never going to let you down
* Honey I will do my best to keep this relationship going no matter words.
*I won’t hurt you on purpose.
The list is endless.

7) Don’t exaggerate:

whatever you do keep it simple and beautiful. The best messages are those that come directly from the heart.
These tips will surely spark up more love as you celebrate Valentine’s day.
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