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How to stop procastinating and start doing- 7 tips


Procastination is like a disease that crawls into the mind and takes over the entire body system. It can be acute in some cases and chronic in the others. But the beautiful part is it doesn’t always lead to death and yes it has a cure.

As a kid, I started out doing my Assignments immediately I got home but with time I became more reluctant to doing them. I must have been in primary two at that time. Procastination in me started doing my assignments in school rather than at home. I did that thing we call “copy and paste” in Nigeria.

My grades began to drop a while after that. I went from being a good student to a procastinating students in other words the lazy student that always as an excuse for not doing her assignments.

This article is centered on curing procastination as a disease and creating more active, grounded, smart and hard working students. I present to you the seven nuggets on procastinating less and doing more.

7 tips on how to stop procastinating and start doing

1)Retrain your mind:

It always starts with the mind. If you suffer from chronic procastination,you would realize that whenever a task is given to you or you set a goal before yourself, you always feel the need to say I will do it a later and overtime later can grow into never.

In most cases procastination starts from a young age like in my case but thanks to these steps I became more productive with my time. Like every other process it is learnt and can be unlearnt.

It is essential that you think of the reasons why you need to stop procastinating. It is a common saying that “you are what you think.” The more you think about how procastinating might be getting in the way of your success,the more you feel the need to change.

2) Creating a new reality:

Get a sheet of paper and write down reasons why you need to stop procastinating and the benefits you stand to enjoy if you stop procastinating. Paste this sheet of paper somewhere you can see it everyday.

3) Change your vocabulary:

instead of I will do it later say I will do it now. Rather than saying,”I can’t kill myself” say what would I lose of I do it now. Stop giving excuses to yourself and start asking yourself questions like “why can’t I do it now?” What would I lose if I do it immediately? If I don’t do it now, then when?

4)Learn to say no to distractions:

There is always a reason why most procastinators don’t get tasks done on time. This reason is usually distraction. Distraction can come in any form, it could be friends, it could be phones,it could be phones,it could be food, your distraction could be anything. Knowing what your distractions are makes it easier for you to say no them.

Again get a sheet of paper and write out and your distractions and reasons why you must say no to them.

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5) Use a schedule:

a schedule can be very useful when it comes to day planning. Plan your day, your week and your month. Write down a number of things you want to accomplish within a chosen time frame.

Make sure that you follow your schedule and you would notice that you would notice a great change.

6) Never pile up tasks:

Even with a schedule most students still procastinate. Again, avoid the sentence I will do it later. If you can do the task immediately, then get straight at it. Time is a very precious commodity, you can’t afford to waste it.

7) Good goals and rewards:

Good goals are goals that can be accomplished. It might be big, but it has to be possible. The time limit set for the goals should also be possible to meet up with.

Don’t forget to reward yourself with something, big or small whenever you accomplish a goal. It makes you feel the need to accomplish more.


Procastination is very harmful to any student that wants to succeed but with this tips above you can totally fight procastination and win.

If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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2 thoughts on “How to stop procastinating and start doing- 7 tips”

  1. Hey there,
    just couldn`t come across this post without saying a word. Proctastination was my enemy №1 for years, especially when I was doing writing tasks at school and university. The tips listed here are really useful, just wanted to add one more helpful thing – reading some examples of essays could inspire me and give a spark of motivation. Usually I had to spend 10 min reading somb`s writings – like here in order to catch a working mood.

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