How to get through registration in OAU easily without stress

How to get through registration in OAU without stress.


I remember almost crying and repeatedly going back to my faculty just so I can submit my files. They were the worst times of my life. Not really but it was not easy climbing the stairs up and down. I started my registration on Wednesday day and finished on Friday while some did their on Tuesday and forgot about it.

This steps are the lessons I learnt during the registration.

1) print out the following documents before hand:

It’s better to print them before resumption to avoid been swindled in school. I had a tough time printing and doing photocopy in school because there were so many people trying to get them done too. Plus it’s easier when you have all the documents ready you can easily do your registration as fast as possible. Do as much as 10 photo copies of each of this documents

* Admission letter:

they are of two types. One has a watermark of “for candidate use” and the other “for institution use.” You would be needing the one with “for institution use.”

*Clearance certificate form

*Health centre certificate

*WAEC result:

you only need the one you will print out with scratch card. I mean the one with WAEC logo

*Verification of credentials.

*Online screening summary report

*Birth certificate

*Mis 2 form

*Passport photographs. At least 15.
Special tip: make sure you convert all your documents to PDF. If you have to print it in school. It will be ten naira. Online printing is hundred Naira in OAU

2) Resume to school on the resumption day:

For peoplewho have successfully gotten hostel accommodation it is very advisable to not delay in resumption. If you go very early then you would be able to do your hostel registration as fast as possible. I didn’t get school accommodation. After paying for bedspace you can proceed to get bedspace clearance. You are to make three photocopies.

For that you would need;

*Passport photographs

*Hall of Residence slip

*Clearance certificate

3) Attend the orientation program and exchange contacts with people:

The orientation program is usually on the second day of resumption. I will advise that you attend with the aim of meeting people. If you stay off campus it’s harder for you to get information but if you have a few contacts you can find out easily when a new information is out.

4)Use the notice board:

Check your faculty notice board or departmental notice board regularly to know when there is a new information. You need to know when registration starts. The first set of people usually do their registration easily.

5) when registration starts, go to your faculty with all your documents:

Avoid buying file jackets from vendors. They sold five to me for five hundred naira only for me to find out that we would be given at the faculty for free. Only buy after meeting with your Faculty excos. Arrange all your documents according to the order provided by the faculty and submit to the appropriate people.

Special tip: it has a deadline.

6) Health center registration:

This is one of the hardest registration because of the number of people who would be struggling to get into the health center. To be candid it’s better to leave this registration till when classes start. The health center registration doesn’t close. Although you must do it before your final year. Failure to do it results to a five thousand Naira fine.
*Health center print out

7) library registration:

It is opened from 8-12.  Go as early as possible with all your documents and your passport. your clearance certificate will be required. This registration doesn’t take long at all.


You will just have to sign a couple of papers. It is opened for the first four weeks of resumption.

That is all the registration you would have to do. Follow those tips and you would have a hitch free registration.

Hope this article was helpful.
You can comment and ask questions on whatever you don’t understand .

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