Holiday is enough syndrome – 5 important stages

Holiday is enough syndrome – 5 stages



Today marks my second month at home. You should have seen me last year, some weeks to this brain damaging holiday. I was one of the people clamoring for the break. I spent more time shouting “I wantu go to my father’s house, I’m hungry I wantu eat good food. O ti sumi.” than actually reading for my nerve wrecking exams( I don’t want to talk to much about what went down in those nasty lecture theaters). Look at me now. I have lost my tiny sense of humor and the worst part is I have gone through all the five stages of holidayisenough syndrome.(I didn’t make it up)

The five stages of holidayisenough syndrome.


welcome home symptoms:

This is still the best stage yet. The first day I got home, everyone was happy.” My daughter has come back from the University. Praise God” blabla. Yup that was the time I was treated like a queen. I was feeling myself. As persay I dey university, my younger brothers were doing stuff for me without asking questions. I felt on top of the world(Atiloatide)while desperately ignoring every thought of my exam. I’m still ignoring it. That time all I did was eat,press phone,sleep and watch Tv.


Stage 2

You are not a visitor symptoms:
 This symptoms almost started showing face except that we travelled to different places for the holidays.We went from ogunstate to Ibadan to see our grandparents for the holidays. I went to Lagos to spend two weeks😪😭😭. I was totally enjoying my Lagos holiday until I had to come back due to reasons beyond my control.
My mum went full  you are not a visitor on me. I was treated like the family member that I was. So I started struggling to keep my visitor status. It was working really well for me ” mummy I will soon be going to school. Shebi we will soon resume.”  I didn’t even know that OAU was laughing at me. Next thing I heard was that resumption had been postponed by about fifteen days. I’m not sure it’s up to fifteen days but it feels like eternity.
Stage 3:
when are you people resuming:
I could tell that people were beginning to think that I had dropped out of school. My neighbors and church members were already using style to ask me why I’m still at home…it’s not my fault. OAU has decided to exile us on a long holiday we didn’t ask for.
Even my brothers were telling me to go and resume back to school. They are tired of seeing my face. The time has come for me to say, I’m tired of eating sleeping and watching TV.
Well I’m not completely wasting this holiday. I learnt a courple of things, Graphic designing,crafts and I have been working round the clock to bring my new story watered to your screens.
Stage 4:
This is the critical stage. The worst part is that it is accompanied by severe headache. Local woman is broke and bored. Nothing triggers thinking like this two things.( Okay, maybe thinking of my GP does Sha)
Yesterday I woke up and slept back. I am beginning to lose appetite for staying awake(not food tho). I have counted all the dots in my ceiling. I can give a complete analysis of the amount of hair on my body. I counted everything out of boredom. That’s how bored I am. In fact tomorrow’s project is to count the number of grains of local rice we have in my house.
I have also imagined how good money will look on me. In my head I have travelled to more than twenty countries this holiday.


Stage 5:

complaining on social media:

This is the final symptom of holiday is enough syndrome. I am tired of this holiday. I want to resume back to school. I want to trek and eat suya in the night. I am ready to taste the crunchy goodness of Akara,friedpotatoes and fried yam again. I want to savour the grand taste of Iya Ruka’s Amala. I won’t lie I miss gisting on campus while eating risky(fried eggs placed in between a loaf of bread and pressed with an iron spoon into a delicious beauty.) I want to go back to where I belong. This house is not for me.


The worst part of this holiday is that all my friends are still in session in their schools.
Guys I’m sick, I have holiday fever other wise known as holidayisenough syndrome. It affects five of every ten OAU student at home for this holiday. The chances of a wide spread of this disease is high as I have heard that ASUU is planning a nation wide strike.
In conclusion, If you know any OAU student at home, message them, send them money😉, check up on them, this long holiday is not easy.
If you feel my pain drop your comments tell me sorry, I will reply.😭😭
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