Good bye January, Hello February- life update


January is over. Weird. I have kinda always thought of January as this very slow month. But its faster this time even though most people seem to think it’s still very slow. I’m glad I witnessed all of it in good health.

What new things happened?

Well, since my last life update, nothing new has happened besides the silhouette challenge. I actually loved that challenge till Nigerians started criticizing it. I did a little rant about it on my WhatsApp status.

Nothing much changed in my life. I have working, having fun my own way and focusing on my mental health.

Did you work on your goals?

Hell yeah. I’m happy to announce to you guys that I ticked off three things on my goal list.

I journalled about 15 times this month

I followed my to do list strictly surprisingly ( save for some days when I took a break from working)

I went out twice. It’s a big deal. I would rather press phone all day. In fact I’m beginning to rethink going to school.

I worked a lot on my blog

Changed a few things on my Facebook page.

Read book, watched movies and a lot of other weirdly fun stuff.



Since my last entry, I have tried to read more books but I failed miserably. I tried finishing eragon but I didn’t feel like it. I tried starting a new book but it didn’t work out.

Turns out I was supposed to read the colour purple and diary of Anne Frank but I totally forgot. I’m doing it this month tho. I plan to read at least 4 books in February.



I would love to journal more this month. My plan is to write at least 20 entries.

Journalling makes me calmer and it’s fast becoming an habit.

Yoga/8 glasses a day/ meditation

I didn’t follow my eight glasses a day rule because I was lazy. I think it’s not laziness. I just convinced myself it wasn’t essential but now I know better.

Yoga is something that didn’t happen this month. I ignored it out of laziness but I’m starting fully in this month.

Meditation is something I do quite often. I started with guided meditation but now I practice it on my own. I do more of awareness cultivation to stay grounded. It gives me peace

Eating well

I paid more attention to eating well in January since MO kept reminding me to eat. I’m not much of a food person.

I would soon be going to school and that means I have to create a meal plan or something close so I don’t starve myself to death. To be honest I’m not a fan of cooking. I only do it because I have no choice.

Movies/ animes/Vlogs

I saw a lot of good movies in January from Nollywood movies to American movies. Though I can’t remember most of them.
I remember seeing Tenet and Wonder woman. I still don’t understand Tenet. It might be because I gave up on the movie halfway. And the movie made me feel stupid because I literally had no idea what was going on after 1 hour. It was just too much action and less exposition.

My best movie pick for January is Bridgerton. Yes I finally saw it and I have speaking like a British woman since then. The accent is hard to be honest but I picked up a few phrases.

“I would be there momentarily.”

” It may be as though it would rain.”

My favorite line, “I burn for you.”

I loved the romance.

I watched a lot of short movies on YouTube too. My favorites were;

Listen to me

Home bound

I saw two animes. I finished promise Neverland and I started one anime my brothers recommended to me. Something about assassinating their teacher. I would finish watching it this month.

Vlogs I love at the moment

Korty’s Vlog (My new Saturday routine)


Lana blakely( I love her voice. She makes me calm)


If I have to grade myself on how well I communicated in January, it would be 7/10. I replied messagesike a robot and I held conversation and for more than 10 minutes.

That’s crazy for real. I’m finding conversing with a lot of people relaxing and therapeutic.
I hope to do better in February.


I did a lot of blog work and I’m so proud of myself. I introduced a new category, interviews.

I was able to manage my blog well in January because I followed my to do list strictly. The numbers and improvement I had on my blog at the end of January genuinely shocked me.

I’m also grateful to my friends and subscribers for being very supportive.
I have already created and drafted out plans for February and I hope that u would be able to achieve it and do more without interference from school.



February please be nice to me.
My major goal for February is to put a lot of effort into maintaining my mental health and engaging in more activities without compromising on school and work.

Thank you so much for reading my journal entry.

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