We all make mistakes but not everyone learns lessons

Five mistakes I made in my first year of blogging


Before I begin

You don’t have to be a blogger or a future blogger to find value in this post. Everyone makes most of these mistakes in different fields. Be it business, music or art or whatever, we all make mistakes.

I’m ready to start(Clears throat)

I would like to say that I have not made any amount whatsoever from blogging so this is not a motivational post at all. It’s a ” I kinda wish I had been more sensible post”. It’s not a rant either.

I have been blogging for one year and some months. Time passed by fast. Very fast. I won’t say I have nothing to show for it because I have learnt a lot of lessons in the process. Lessons about myself and about the world.

You know what, let’s just skip to the mistakes. I have a bad habit of writing long introductions.

Anyways this is just me being honest with myself, my subscribers and everyone who is going to subscribe now.

Five mistakes I made in my first year of blogging.

1) I jumped into blogging without thinking like a goat

Goat eating grass
A rare picture of me during my early blogging days. Stubborn but still pretty

I was eighteen at that time and I was already feeling that crazy pressure to make money. After thinking and going through things I could do to make money, I finally decided that blogging was my way.

Since I could write, all I needed was a monetized blog and my dollars would roll in. That was what I thought actually. The reality was painful, dreadful and discouraging.

I asked some of my friends about blogging and what to do, they all told me to take things easy and learn. Guess who was a goat? Me. I dived into beautiful river full of crocodiles like someone was chasing me. To be fair, something was chasing me. It was my craving for success.

I did a little research and I found out it’s better to start blogging on blogspot first before moving to WordPress. That was the cheapest and easiest option at that time. So I learnt everything I could and MO offered to help me get started.

I was always in a rush and I wanted to do everything by myself. To whom it may concern, You can’t do everything by yourself. You would need help at some point.

I wrote a couple of blog posts and shared my stories. At that time, I didn’t know what I was doing and I was just posting with the aim of making money after two months.

Read my short stories

Howling winds



I killed her and I don’t feel guilty


I didn’t really have clear and concise goals mapped out. I had a few but I didn’t have a clear vision on how to achieve it.

But I was determined to make it through blogging. I got my friends to share my post. At some point, I felt my blog needed to improve. I didn’t want

kitavibez.blogspot.com, I wanted kitavibez.com. The first is a free domain name and the latter is a paid domain name. But I didn’t have any money or savings to do the transition.

Someone told me to pay 50,000 naira so he could design my blog for me. I didn’t even have 1000 naira at that time. That was when I knew I was in a water full of crocodiles.

Then I decided I could do it myself.
In all of those times, I designed and redesigned my blog almost everyday. After some months I saved up enough money to move from the blogger platform to WordPress. It wasn’t easy saving that money because I sort of had to starve on some days.

Transitioning from blogger to WordPress is also something I didn’t think about. Again, I’m a goat. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and I decided I was ready. I didn’t watch any of them to end. I watched halfway and skipped to what I thought was the interesting part.

Let’s just say those were the most depressing moments of my life(not really) but then… I had to build and rebuild over three times because I kept making mistakes.

The fourth time, I watched the video again from the beginning to the end. That was when I actually succeeded in creating this blog you see now. It took about two weeks. If I had watched every part of the video, I would have done it under 1 hour.

The lesson here is think and plan before starting anything. Okay Research, think, learn, plan and be patient before beginning any start up. Weather it’s a business or whatever. Learn from other people’s mistakes.

2) I tried to be like everyone else:

While I was on Blogger, I created unique content. But after I moved to WordPress I started having issues with my creativity. There was SEO and a lot of annoying Google rules I had to follow. It was too much for me at once.

There was too much pressure so I started reading other people’s works and using their writing style. I hated doing that. I hated following the rules and so I ended up having an identity crisis.

I couldn’t figure out my writing style or writing voice or tone so I felt like an imposter. Writing was my form of expression and it felt like I was expressing myself using other people’s voices or tone. Eventually, I stopped feeling the vibe to blog.

The lesson here is that we are all unique. Our creativity stems from our uniqueness. I didn’t feel the vibe to write again until I started ignoring the rules and sticking to my own writing style and technique.

3) I got distracted with chasing AdSense:

The most important lesson I wish I knew at that time is Value comes first and money later.

Although chasing AdSense helped me improve my blogging game, it also reduced my productivity. AdSense is the advertisement agency bloggers use to monitize their blogs, websites or YouTube channels.

I got rejected six or seven times last year and with each rejection, my blog got better. Then AdSense became an addiction. I wanted to get it by all means.

Mistake 2, A rejection email
Rejection sucks
It sucks

After every rejection I would sulk for a while. At some point the sadness I got from that rejection created a block for me and I couldn’t write.

I actually wasted time I could have spent writing on sulking. Eventually I stopped chasing AdSense and I wrote for the love of writing.

I still don’t have AdSense. But right now, I’m more focused on creating great, entertaining and helpful content.

While chasing AdSense, I stopped focusing on the people I create content for. What’s the use of AdSense if I don’t have anyone viewing my blog?

This year, I’m focusing on providing value for all my readers.

Under thoughts and introspection

We are not perfect but it’s totally okay

We don’t know how to love

4) I didn’t have a planner, so I wrote inconsistently:

I’m naturally inconsistent. I procrastinated a lot. Forget the fact that I have several posts on not procrastinating, I procrastinate a lot.

Consistency is important for growth in any field. Towards the end of 2020, I started taking planning seriously. I realized that it helped me create more content and I felt less anxieties.

So far so good, I have continued to use a planner and I can actually see a difference in the number of visitors I get on my blog. Since I have been more consistent, I have reached more people.

Honestly, I’m still surprised by the progress I’m making.

Sweet progress
I couldn’t have done this without my subscribers and everyone that shares my post. I love you guys.

5) I didn’t really have a defined lifestyle:

I started a lifestyle blog without knowing myself. I barely knew anything about me which is part of why I had an identity crisis.

At the time I started, I was going through severe depression. I had a lot of issues with seeing a future for myself or setting goals.

I was basically living carelessly. I barely knew anything about mental health. Basically, I had not figured out my life.

Imagine trying to motivate people while you are feeling like shit. It took a long time for me to figure things out. It took time for me to find myself, my voice, my passion and all the things I truly love.

I even had to learn that I had bad habits and even toxic traits that I needed to work on. The entire growth took place last year.

I had to learn, unlearn and relearn a lot of things.

Now I know. Lot and I have a lot to write about.

That’s all

This year, I have learnt so much from my mistakes and I now know how to be better.
I’m really grateful to everyone who has supported me for so long. To my subscribers who have watched me grow, I’m thankful that you stayed with me and read my posts.

We all make mistakes but not everyone learns lessons

If you are new on my blog, thank you for reading this. Please subscribe and let’s learn and grow together

I’m grateful to myself for not giving up. I got frustrated a lot but I’m thankful that I kept learning to be better.

What mistakes have you made in your business?

How has it affected you?

Let me know in the comment section.

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