Don’t wait for opportunities to knock, create them.

Don’t wait for opportunities to knock create them.

Once again I’m about to tell you a story you didn’t ask for. I have decided to title this story  “Create an opportunity now or watch someone else create it while you stand by your window waiting for opportunity to come knocking.” I know the title is long but you will understand soon.

Create an opportunity now or watch someone else create it while you stand by your window waiting for opportunity to come knocking.

Andrew Babayeju had always liked Magret ever since they were kids. He was always to shy to talk to her mostly because of his fear of rejection. Magret just wasn’t any girl, she was the most beautiful girl on the street. Whenever she spoke Andrew always felt butterflies chocking him from his guts.

On several occasions he had made up his mind to approach her but had chickened out after much thought. His mum had always carefully reminded him that he was of a lower status than Magret’s family which made him even more nervous when ever they crossed path or their eyes met at the church.

His sister on the other hand had tried to convince him several times to speak to Margret and tell her what he feels about her but he has always replied with” I will talk to her when the right time comes.”

Years went by yet Andrew kept waiting for the perfect opportunity to talk to his over fifteen years crush.

Some months later a young man, Matthew by name had moved to their neighbourhood. He also had eyes for Margret and had been quick to notice that Margret was single. Unlike Andrew, Matthew had done his homework about Margret. He found out where she worked,what kind of people she liked to hangout with and the type of things she liked to talk about.

Few months after Matthew moved in, Andrew started to notice how close the two of them had gotten. He saw the way they jogged together on Saturday mornings and strolled out on Sunday evenings. It made him sad but his sister told him to keep waiting for the right opportunity to talk to her while standing near the window watching her pass by.

“If you stand long enough,she might even get married and have kids, maybe then you will get the right opportunity to talk to her.”

An adage says that”opportunity comes but once ” This days you either grab opportunity or watch it walk away. Andrew’s story is just like the story of a lot of people always waiting and waiting for the mighty opportunity to come knocking on their doors.

This opportunity wait affects a lot of  we young people. We are always waiting for the right opportunity to carry out their business ideas or to show off their new dance step or new brain wave. It’s even worse when we believe that someone somewhere will give us an opportunity because we deserve it.

Today I leave you with this, don’t be like Andrew, don’t wait for the perfect time to come,or for all the stars to align in your favor instead be like Matthew find out everything you need to know about what you love doing and create the favourable moment yourself.

I really have to ask this question before I leave.Is it just me or have you also thought of a billion dollar idea and postponed doing it because you don’t have the financial capacity or the connection only to find someone doing it without the connect or money?I’m a living witness and yes I almost cried.(I almost cried, I didn’t say I cried) That was when it hit me, that even without all the resources, if you truly believe in ur idea you can start as little as possible.

Don’t forget to drop your comments. Tell us what you think about creating opportunities.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t wait for opportunities to knock, create them.”

  1. Creating opportunities can be likened to a writer who writes by inspiration and and give himself hope of writing something he caught inspiration on or about in the morning at night,he or she might not remember the way it ought to be written, maximize every opportunity wisely.

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