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Don’t kill the child in you!

Childhood was beautiful

I remember my childhood days, there was always so much to be grateful about. There was also the carefree attitude that made childhood what it was. We played with sand without caring about who was watching ( I don’t think I have a friend who didn’t play sand.)

My friends and I would prepare soup with sand and grasses. Whenever I think about it, I can’t help but laugh. Most of it stemmed out from wanting to be an adult.

Then there was playing and dancing under the rain. Even though we knew we would get cold under the rain, we still did it anyways. We would dance in our underwears twirling and turning.

I guess childhood was everything it was because it was full of hope and optimism. We always saw the best in everything and we believed anything could happen,then life happened.

This life no balance

When life happens, delusion fades

Life is a thief, it steals delusion from humans and in the process takes way their optimism.

As children, we had the wildest imagination. My younger brothers and I used to pray in church that God should give us super powers. At a point in my brothers life, they both believed they were going to become power rangers.

Actions and consequences

Childhood was fun, it was beautiful but growing up… Growing up, we started to realize that there are limits.
As children, we would naturally act without thinking about repercussions but life teaches us that our actions have consequences. The more we learn consequences,the more we fear consequences.

The fear of failure

When a child is born, it fears nothing. Okay maybe falling down but all the other fears are learnt. Like the fear of the dark or the fear of fire or even water. The fears you have as an adult, depends on how you grew up, where you grew up or who you grew up with.

The most common fear being peddled around is the fear of failure. Life teaches us to fear failure because the world hates people who fail. Babies actually don’t fear failure. Before a baby learns to walk, it falls many times but it still keeps trying. Adults stop trying out of fear of failing.

The world today teaches us to fear failure in other words, the world teaches us to not be successful.

To fear failure, is to fear success because success only truly happens after failure.

What “don’t kill the child in you” really means

Don’t kill the child in you means don’t let life take away your optimism. It means not fearing failure. Not killing the child in you means facing tough situations and hoping to make the best out of it.

Allow yourself to be carefree and happy.

We are not perfect but it’s totally okay!

Share your thoughts with me on this topic in the comments section.

What do you remember about childhood?

What has changed since then?

Would you become a child again if you could?

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