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Do this 7 important things to get an high score in JAMB

JAMB is one of those hurdles you must cross as a Nigerian student seeking to get admission into the university. For most of us who have written JAMB and almost did not scale through the hurdle, we had one thing against us,”lack of information.”

Not everyone has access to the right information about what it takes to pass JAMB and that too at the right time. Most students discover the truth about JAMB after failing once or twice. If you plan to write JAMB next year or the next two years and you stumbled on this information, count yourself lucky.

Because I love you, I will be giving you inside info on what it takes to pass JAMB.

Important tips to know when preparing for JAMB

These are some of the most important things you must know when it comes to studying and preparing for JAMB to get a really high score.

1) Have a goal:

To get the best result at anything you are doing, you must have a vision of the outcome before hand. That vision is the goal. No goals equals no vision.

It is almost like boarding into a bus without having an idea of where you are going. You would end up wasting your money and your time. This is the mistake most students make. They either don’t have goals, or they don’t have the zeal to make them happen.

To get a really high score, you must have a vision of the score you want and work towards it. I would advise that you write down the score you want. Make sure that it is above the cutoff mark for the course you plan to study.

2) Start studying early:

You can’t cheat time. Some students try to study for JAMB within a week and they fail woefully. Unless you are guru or Shana like we say in OAU, doing this can only plunge you into failure.

Most times we try to rush through a process, we end up getting the wrong results. Studying takes time that is why it is very important to start early.

I wrote an article on improving your memory for study and if there’s anything I have realized, it is that he brain needs time to assimilate new information.

When you start studying late, you would end up subjecting your brain to stress and storing information in the short term memory instead of the long term memory.

3) Study consistently:

Consistency is very important for success. You must make studying an habit in order to get a really good result.

I wrote an article on how to study for JAMB the right way. I also wrote another article on creating a study planner. It’s important that you read both articles because it would give you insights on how to be consistent with your studies for JAMB.

Consistent study is what will get you the highest score in JAMB. You need to study every day. You must also have it in mind that studying for JAMB is different from reading for a school exam.

4) Study several textbooks:

Another major mistake students make is that they think their teacher’s notes is enough to study for JAMB. The truth is that the teacher’s note is a summary of many textbooks. It is possible for the teacher to skip essential information.

As a student, you must be proactive, it doesn’t matter if your teacher has given you a note or not. You must create your own note by reading different textbooks.

It is necessary to understand that the more textbooks you read the more intelligent you become. If you read a particular topic in chemistry using Textbook A and you don’t understand, you can try reading the same topic in Textbook B and C.

What you are doing is you are accumulating more information concerning that topic.

One thing you must note is that to become the best in a field,subject or topic all you need is information. The more correct information you get, the better you become.

5) Make your own notes:

Don’t just study the textbooks, make your own notes. This really helped me in Understanding Chemistry. As at Ss2, I could swear I didn’t understand anything in Chemistry.

I didn’t want to fail Chemistry in WAEC so I started reading Chemistry from the first chapter ” What is chemistry?” and I made my own notes.

Most times we don’t understand a concept, it can be because we missed a piece of information from the beginning. It’s better to start studying and making your own notes from the beginning of the subject. It makes it more comprehensive.

6) Focus on English:

Most students tend to overlook English language or underestimate it because they can speak English. The truth is English language is not as simple as it looks. You must dedicate time to studying it the right way in order to get good results.

7) Use past questions:

Studying 20 years of past questions is not as effective as studying your textbooks. I noticed that most students just cram the answers to the questions they see in PQ. They don’t really understand the answers.

Past questions should only be for reference i.e a guide for you to see how questions are being asked on a particular subject or topic. You should also use it to test your knowledge on a particular topic.

You should avoid using your past question as a tool for competition. Instead it should be a tool to test your knowledge. It’s advisable to use past questions only after studying a topic.

Final thoughts:

Doing the things I mentioned above will go a long way in giving you the high score you dream of having. If you have any questions ask me in the comment section.

I hope that you found this post really helpful.

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