Day 5: How would you spend £10 million if you had only 3 days to spend it

Day 5

30 days writing challenge

What’s good guys? I must confess, this is the craziest question I have seen so far. 10 million pounds what that’s a lotta money. It is 5,159,100,000 naira… Yoo that’s a lot of money.

3 days to spend all of it… Jeez…. Uhm I would buy myself an estate and acres of land in Nigeria. Can I actually get everything in 3 days. I would actually buy estates in different countries. Not just Nigeria.

How much is a private jet sef? I’m kidding but is 10 million pounds enough for me to buy an island? I will buy hotels too and buy materials to refurbish them since I have to spend it within 3 days.

The major thing I’m concerned about is how possible it is to get great deals within 3 days and to finalize all paperwork without getting scammed.

The first thing I’m going to do if I have that kind of money is to hire a lawyer and accountant that studied in Havard university. Yo if I’m getting that amount of money just for 3 days I have to make sure that I’m tying the money down in such a way that I can make multiples of it.

I would like to buy clothes and stuff too but that won’t be the major priority. My priority would be designing a business in 3 days and funding it. That’s why I need a lawyer and an accountant. I can’t afford to live the good life in three days and go broke afterwards.

I would buy cars… Yeah. A lot of cars. I would resell them later. I would buy gold too. Yoo I’mma buy a lot of gold and even diamond set and put them in the bank.
Im definitely going to buy shares from Apple, Amazon, Mercedes Benz and a whole lot of others.

I would give my family money to start up different businesses and close friends.
The bulk of the money will go into investments and the rest would be for us to enjoy.

If it ever happens. I mean if I ever become a millionaire by chance I would remember you. I’m not promising tho.


Tell me your thoughts on this challenge what would you do with 10 million pounds. Tell me if my plans are flawed or if there’s something you would do differently.

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4 thoughts on “Day 5: How would you spend £10 million if you had only 3 days to spend it”

  1. I literally have nothing to do with that kind of money.
    I would just invest that in arsenal shares, because those things are gold, man.
    It would appreciate later on and I would be rich again!
    I would buy a lot of things that make me happy.
    Like art supplies, tech and stuff.
    I would get a house too, for alone time.

  2. True, then I’ll just get a bunch of things I’ve wanted and other useless things that rich ppl buy for no apparent reason

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