Day 4 what famous person inspires you the most

Day 4 what famous person inspires you the most and why


Hello guys I skipped the challenge yesterday but I’m doing it today. This is what usually happens before I give up an habit but I’m going to finish this challenge no matter what.

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I have been thinking about this question for a while but I can’t seem to pick one famous person. Most of the things I know today and the person I am today, I learnt from different books and different authors.

I also learnt from musicians, basketballers, poets, actors and people from different walks of life.
The major issue for me in picking out just 1 person is that I am inspired in different ways from different people.
For example Billie Eilish inspires me to accept being different, to embrace change and to make every moment count.

Dale Carnegie in his book how to make friends and influence people inspired me to become a better person inorder to have better relationships with people.

From Robert green the author of 48 laws of power, I learnt the rules of power and how to defend myself. With the book, I learnt that it doesn’t matter how little you are, you can reach the top with the right knowledge.

I learnt that I give way too many fucks( I was always seeking validation) from Mark Manson’s book The subtle art of not giving a fuck.  inspired me to be my own person and to embrace myself without seeking validation.

Robert kiyoshaki author of the rich dad poor Dad series inspired me to know more about financial literacy which is very important.

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That’s enough about books and what I learnt. Inspiration comes in different forms. I don’t know how to pick who inspired me the most. As far as I’m concerned, a lot of people inspired me to become my best self.

In so many ways, they showed me how crooked my views are and how much I needed to change those crooked views. I learnt to embrace change in a world of possibilities.

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