Day 3: Write a list of things you want to achieve in your life.

Day 3: Write a list of things you want to achieve in your life.


Hey hey guys it’s day 3 of this challenge. It has been really helpful in getting my thoughts together. It recently occurred to me that I have not been thinking about some important things I need to achieve.

I’m a little scared about making goals or plans because most of the plans I made when I was little didn’t work out. And I didn’t handle the outcome of my plans not working well. I had a severe meltdown that led to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Since the time my perfect achievements list crashed, I noticed that I became laid back and afraid to plan or think about achieving things within a particular time frame. It’s almost as if I’m scared of rejection or failure even though I say I’m not.

Today however, I realized I still carry a bit of that fear and some reservations. Regardless, I would still list out a few things I hope to achieve and also give reasons why

A list of things I want to achieve

1) A balanced mental health:

I believe a lot of attention should be paid to mental health because it is what determines if we would be happy or not. The social media age is consuming and depressing. Sometimes it gets very overwhelming and it chokes me so much that I feel like I cannot breathe.

The last time I had a breakdown because of social media, I promised myself to never let it happen again. Since then, I have worked on myself and I have paid more attention to how things by make me feel.

It is hard for me to get things done when I break down mentally. Sometimes the feeling of sadness becomes so much that I don’t want to talk,chat, leave my room or even eat. On days like that I am less productive.

This means that before I can achieve any of my other goals, my mental health must be taken care of. When I feel mentally healthy, I tend to perform better and it in turn makes me happier.

2) Better relationship with friends and family:

I’m an introvert even though most times I’m in public I’m very vocal. I can’t call myself an extrovert because I naturally never want to live the comfort of my room except it’s important. Like really important.

Also, after spending time with people, I feel drained. This makes me disappear. The more time I spend outside, the more time I want to spend inside because I really enjoy being alone.

As a result my relationships suffer. Like I said in the 30 questions post, I’m a bad listener. I get bored of people. It almost feels like I’m selfish because I don’t get bored when I’m talking. It only happens when people are talking to me.

See Day 1 writing challenge: write would about where you’d like to be in 10 years time. 

I do not like chatting and it makes communication harder especially with the Corona virus and ASUU strike. I’m just the worst at communicating and keeping friendships.

I hope to become better. I want to nurture healthy relationships and not be selfish or toxic to other people. Having great relationship with family and friends is necessary for an happy life and it is what I want.

3) Becoming more Consistent

For a number of goals and habits which are important for my success, I need consistency. One of my quirks includes getting bored of activities easily. I mean I get bored within 2 weeks Max.

Within this pandemic, I started a number of things and I stopped doing them after two weeks and in some cases a week. I know what consistency can do for me.

I hope that in the coming years or months I would train myself to keep great habits and be more consistent. Because it is essential for me and my growth.

4) Improving on my skills

I tend to learn two many things at once and I leave some halfway through. One of the things I consider an achievement is learning as much as I can with my skills and becoming better.

As a writer, it’s important that I learn the art of storytelling and everything else associated to it. Honestly, I just want to be the best I can be. Because the better you are, the higher you go.

5) Learning more financial intelligence

Since I stumbled on the rich dad poor Dad book, financial intelligence has been a goal for me. Because according to the numerous books I have read, it is one thing to make money, it is another thing to create wealth.

Financial intelligence is as important as academic intelligence which is more recognized. In fact, financial intelligence is even more important. It is why one of the things I would like to achieve is understanding this.

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I know the things I listed above may not be the stereotyped achievements like buying a car or a house and stuff. What I have listed above are things that would have way for all of those luxuries.

I understand that achieving them makes it easier to buy or live the kind of peaceful lifestyle that I want. My ultimate goal is living a peaceful life and enjoying every moment as it comes.

If you agree or disagree with my train of thoughts, leave a comment and we will discuss.

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