Day 2: Write about a moment in your life when you felt deeply contented

Day 2: Write about a moment in your life when you felt deeply contented


30 days challenge

Guys it’s day 2 of this challenge and I’m loving it. I hope you read Day 1 challenge. 

I’m pretty hopeful that I can make it to the 30th day.

30 days challenge



Day 2: Write about a moment in your life when you felt deeply contented and happy with your life

I really can’t remember a particular moment when I felt like this but I can say this is how I feel these days.

Actually I started to feel more contented with my life at the beginning of this month, December. I know it’s kind of abnormal to feel contented as humans, since we always want more. But that is exactly how I feel. I feel at peace with my family, relationship and friends.

I sort of realized that, there will always be a need to get more or have more. And it’s almost like we keep chasing things and never really enjoy important moments. It is why I have decided to love who I am now and the things I have.
I might not have everything I want right now but I still have a few and I’m grateful for it.

Generally, I have felt happier since I came to this conclusion that I want to love my present as much as I want to love my future.

I don’t want time to pass by with me imagining that I have a better life so much that I do not appreciate my present or enjoy anything about it.

Also I want to live deliberately. It’s so easy to get lost in the past thinking of how things could have gone but how it isn’t. You can also be so drawn to imagining the future that you forget every moment in the present counts.
Understanding this comes with so much peace that I can’t explain. Although, most people, entrepreneurs and the rich keep saying “you must never be contented with your life Blablabla…” I understand that one must always chase a better life but what I do not understand is if there is a resting point to this chasing or competing.

To be honest, I want to achieve a lot of things but I also want to be happy before achieving them, while achieving them and afterwards because it is the moments that counts.

I don’t want to feel inadequate and create something for my mind to dwell on constantly. I want to be enough now. Even if there are a lot of things I still want. I want to feel adequate knowing that even if I don’t get those things I am not any less of a person.

Yes I would work for the things I want but it won’t be because I feel empty without them. It would be because they can improve my experience here on Earth.

Dale cargnie says in his book How to win friends and influence people that “it isnt what you have or who you are that makes you happy and unhappy. It is what you think about it.”

This is why it is possible to have everything one can dream of and still not be contented. The feeling of being content is what determines how happy we are and would be.

Even Socrates says “He who is not contented with what he has, will not be contented with what he would like to have.

It is important for you and I to feel content and happy with our lives in every moment.

We cannot have everything we want but being contented with the little things is greater than having the big things and not being happy. But the best is being happy with the big things. Even so, it’s harder to be happy up there than it is down here.

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