Choose an amazing study partner with this tips

Choose an amazing study partner with this tips!


Not all best friends make the best study partners. Take me for example, my best friend and I are bad influences on each other when it comes to reading or studying together. We always have something to talk about.( It’s not like we gossip or anything)

We both learnt the hard way to keep our friendship away from our study time. That is why I think it’s better to have a study partner who is not really a close friend. The most important thing is to get the studying done and in some cases having a study buddy makes things easier.

I came up with some tips to help you find a study partner that will boost your grades.

 7 tips to help you choose an amazing partner

1) Same goals:

The fastest route to failure is having a study partner that doesn’t have the same vision with you. We all have that one friend that would always sleep instead of studying and always as an excuse for not studying. That one friend should not be your study partner!

If your plan is to move from being an average student to being a class topper, then you would have to find someone who has the same goal. Anyone with a different goal might limit you or your productivity.

2) Same drive:

Having goals is not enough. Some people have goals but they don’t have the drive to achieve it. The best study partner is someone that has a drive to make the goals happen.

Your partner should be someone that has a strong motivation to succeed. Students are motivated through different things. For some students their motivation comes from wanting more for their families while some are motivated through competition. A few students however have no motivation. They simply don’t care.

It’s advisable to get someone with equal drive or even more drive. That way you tend to do more.

3) Same study style:

For the union to be productive, you should both have similar styles. To avoid conflict and confusion, it’s important to talk this through with your potential partner before making a decision.

4) A mutual relationship:

It’s essential that the relationship is a mutualistic one. You must both gain from each other in one way or the other. You might be better with calculation than with theory while your partner is better better with theory work than calculation. You can both help each other by making up for each other’s weaknesses and growing to be better together.

5) Teaming up:

For the partnership to work, you both must be team players. You should learn to work together and be cooperative.
Without cooperation, there would be lack of aggreement which can cause a fall out.

You should find out if your potential partner is a team player or a lone ranger.

6) Easily accessible:

It is more effective to find a partner who stays in the same Halls of residence with you or lives in the same area. That way, it’s easier for you to meet with the person and cover much work.

7) Less distractions, more focus:

It’s so easy to get distracted while studying but you and your partner should try to avoid chit chat as much as possible. Try to stay focused on your goal.


The person you choose to study with can have a good or bad effect on your grades which is why you must choose carefully.

I really hope you found these tips helpful.

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