Bye-bye from OAU,hello to the university of life (FYB 2019)

Bye bye from OAU, hello to the university of life(FYB 2019)

Just like the saying goes, “soilder comes, soilder goes but the barrack remains” Today another set of students celebrate their four to five years journey in Obafemi Awolowo University. From being freshers to becoming the next graduants.



Straight Outta OAU…. t-shirts don’t lie

I smiled a lot today as I watched them gather together under the bat filled blue skies of great Ife. It was quite a beautiful sight to watch,students signing on the FYB’s white t-shirts,gowns,labcoats and the likes. There was so much happiness in the air. It made people like me wish we were also FYBs(final year brethren).


Next semester ko le werk
They partied under the hot sun with their moveable speakers and their white and Jean uniform in several different groups. Dancing to songs like parte after parte, my favorite by the way although my favorite moment was still when the marlians came in to join the party. They turned up the party.
I imagined them as freshers still getting accustomed to the stress and struggles of OAU. I saw them as their naive versions running to class like their entire destinies depended on it and eventually realizing it made little or no difference.



Then I saw them in two, three years time, driving cars to their offices, running around searching for jobs, presenting their ideas to multitudes,  coming back to the campus for an higher degree, getting married and having children. Well life is in stages and they just passed through the most life sharpening one.



No one knows tomorrow but whatever tomorrow holds they had today. They laughed today and they are leaving us behind to wonder what the outside world looks like. The university without lecturers and their attendance, without shanas and their high scores, without written tests and exams.
They are moving out to the university of life,where life itself is the wicked lecturer,where success is the reward of multiple failures with no loss of enthusiasm. The real world where stress and struggles cannot be escaped. The place where every decision can make or Mar their life.

Nevertheless I must comment on the funny costumes and beautiful outfits. OAU is really a home of creativity.

I wish them good luck and with a unique style and I welcome the newly admitted students.
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