Before you say if I perish I perish- how to not go broke.

Before you say if I perish, I perish – How to not go broke in school


Before you say “if I perish, I perish”

Before you say if I perish I perish- how to not go broke.
 We all have that one time in our lives when we are down to our last one thousand naira. By we I mean students. That point in our lives where we know we shouldn’t be expecting any money from anywhere. That very moment when we should be thinking of how to spend our last card wisely but the sense of “if I perish, I perish” sets in. We begin to feel a need to buy something worth our last one thousand naira. Something big and delicious.
We pick up our last one thousand naira and let the hunger sense for something we probably can’t afford on a normal day take over. If you are like my friend, you would probably take your last shingbai and board a bike to a restaurant. You would order for confirm white pounded yam(the type without koko), delicious and rich egusi soup and big meat. You will spend eight hundred naira on the meal and use your last one hundred naira to take a bike back to your hostel. You will sleep well knowing you ate what you felt like eating. Reality sets in the next morning after you come out of the toilet. Then you realize that”OH WOW” you are broke.

If you are like the old me, you will go over all the meaningful ways to spend the money. Then think of the least sensible thing to spend the money on, then go ahead to waste your last one thousand naira hope on ice cream and chicken pie. I don’t know why I even used to do it because after I eat it I realize my stomach is not full and I’m sifialy broke.


Well dont’ be like the old me or my pounded yam loving friend. Before you take all the right steps towards becoming another broke person.  Or before you start typing happy new month messages before the end of the month to send to your family and friends, in order to remind them that you are still alive and God will bless them if they send you that thing called money, here’s what you should do. At least this is what I do to avoid going broke and visiting all my friends.(clears throat, I don suffer)

How to not go broke

1) Always have a plan for your money:

If you receive pocket money on a monthly basis or weekly basis or two weeks interval you need to plan. Make sure that before you announce to your friends that you have received alert, before they start dancing with you and billing you with style, you have planned your money. A new adage says” that money which you refuse to plan is being planned for by your friends or your girlfriend.”
* Bring out your calculator and act like you are an accountant or economist.
*Write how much is coming in,how much your transport fare is( that one must not be touched even of you just feel like perishing) inside your note pad.
 *calculate how much you want to use to spoil yourself beforehand. Like how much you can afford to buy drinks and suya plus chicken with sharwarma. No need to perish again. This is the money for perishing.
*Write down the amount you need to feed with for the interval the money was sent for.
*Always include miscellaneous. Like that one friend you have always forcing you to buy drink. Abi that new movie you didn’t plan for but you feel like watching.
*There’s nothing like the money cannot be enough for me to to do all this things. Cut your coat according to your size

2) Announce to your friends and roommates that you are following a strict budget:

If you don’t do this,they will destroy your budget with “please borrow me one hundred naira I might never return.”

3) Always have change:

This is Nigeria, where breaking a one thousand naira note because of transport fare, can make you go broke.

4) Follow the plan judiciously:

Always stick to the plan. If you stick to the plan,you might never go broke. It’s not like you will be rich o but you won’t wake up the next morning feeling hungry not knowing what to eat, because you don’t have foodstuff and you are critically suffering from brokenessism.

5) Get an extra source of income:

If you already have an extra source of income, it’s cool. If you don’t get one, I’m not saying get an extra boyfriend oo. Get something doing, you can sell clothes shoes, you can do forex trade.  I don’t support bet naija because if you do it, you won’t follow any plan. There are many ways to make money online and in the real world.

Final thoughts:

 Before you say If I perish, I perish, think about the repercussion. Think about the hunger, think about your friends not believing that you are broke because you took a picture of your last supper before death, think about your folks telling you that the month has not ended, think about your Garri finishing. Think, just think about it.

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