How to be a more proactive Nigerian student

Be a more proactive Nigerian student with this 11 effective tips

Prior to my last post on proactivity,Proactive vs reactive student, what kind of student are you? I realized it would only be fair to give detailed explanation on how to be more proactive.

Since proactivity is a well sought out skill all over the world, it is super important that we learn it. The Nigerian society today, is a super reactive society. Which means it would produce more people who are reactive.

As a result,there is a wide opportunity gap for proactive people to thrive weather in music, art, business, career or whatever. If you are proactive, you would almost always be the head.

The good thing is that proactivity is a skill that can easily be learnt with self awareness. Most of us are born reactive by nature. Some become proactive by circumstances or motivation. The method with which we use doesn’t matter. All that matters is becoming proactive.

Here are a few tips to help you become a more proactive student.

11 simple ways to become more proactive.

1) Take responsibility for your life:

This is the major step to becoming proactive. You need to understand that your life is your responsibility. Whatever you make of it is on you. There is a common phrase most Nigerians use ” YourVillage people are following you.” Most times it’s not village people, it’s your decisions that are giving you the outcomes you get.

You must understand that your future and present depends on every decision you make. Whatever happens tomorrow depends on what you do today so you must always be conscious. You must also take responsibility for your mistakes and actions.

Not taking responsibility and always pulling the blame card would leave you unsuccessful and stagnant. You must avoid giving excuses as much as possible and focus on learning lessons. Giving excuses would only make you repeat your past mistakes.

2) Undergo self analysis:

If you haven’t read the article I wrote on self discovery and analysis, here’s a link to it. Self analysis is very important because it helps you understand who you are as a person, it helps you make better choices too.

Through self analysis, you must learn to forgive yourself and others of past mistakes. You should also learn to become a better person all round but that that will only happen when you map out your flaws and improve on yourself.

3) Mistakes and failure happens:

People make mistakes and they fail but it’s okay. Proactive people make mistakes too the only difference between proactive and reactive students is what they do after making those mistakes.

Reactive people tend to sulk and cry without learning any lessons or moving forward. Reactive people would use their mistakes as a reason to stay stagnant while proactive people will pick up the important lesson and make sure they never repeat the mistake again.

You must always strive to find a lesson in your failures. Those lessons are what would push you towards success.

4) Think of solutions not problems:

When we think more about the problems, we cloud our sense of reasoning and finding answers. I used to be very scared of physics so much that when I saw physics questions, my hands would tremble. The reason was because I was scared of the problem. I kept thinking of the problem as a giant that could not be fought.

I later learnt to think of myself as the giant and physics question as ants that I could squash. This simple resolve helped increase my confidence and I became better at it. The truth is focusing on problems would only steal your confidence, however focusing on the solution will make you bolder and help you come up with ideas faster.

5) Prioritize the things you can control:

There are certain things we as humans cannot control. Irrespective of those things, we can control our response to them. You can’t control the rain but you can control what you choose to do when it rains.

It’s better to not obsess over things that are beyond our control, what we should do instead is learn to control our emotions.

We can’t control who talks to us rudely but we can control the emotion we let the rude person see. We have no power over some of the bad events in our life but we have the power to stay happy.

Learn to prioritize the things you can change.

6) Be at the frontline:

Do not put yourself in other people’s shadows. Learn to standout. Don’t be the student that doesn’t say much in the class or doesn’t contribute in group works. Don’t be the student that can easily be forgotten. If you always shy away from speaking up or using your voice, you might have problems in your career. Because outspoken and smart people are more likely to get promotions.

Even in business, people love to work with those who have firm voices and are bold. Even as a sport person, you must stand out and be at the frontline if you want to be known and successful.

So use your voice more, contribute more, don’t be an ordinary listener.

7)Be future focused:

While we might remember our past mistakes, we must not let it weigh us down. We must push forward and work towards a better future.

8) Set achievable goals:

The reason why most people don’t go through with their goals is because they see goals that are impossible within a certain time frame. Don’t be over ambitious when setting goals.

I like to spread my goals and categorize them. It makes it easier to achieve. I set goals around my relationships with people, my academics,my finances and my blog.

When setting goals, you must make sure that the goals are good for you. It’s better to write you goals down. I find that doing that makes me achieve more.

9) plan ahead:

Think of problems that you may face and come up with ideas to solve them ahead of time. Make sure that you are prepared for future programs.

10) Surround yourself with proactive people:

The kind of people you surround yourself with influence you one way or the other. It’s better to be surrounded by goal getters and very proactive people because they drive you to do more.

I realized I started to do more with my life when I became conscious of those I follow on Instagram, Twitter and my friends on Facebook. I realized I was a reflection of those old people so I followed more successful and inspiring people.

11) Use constructive language:

Avoid using languages like I can’t, it’s not possible, I don’t know how to. Someone once said to me, change your language change your life. Instead of saying I can’t say how can I, Instead of saying it’s not possible say how can I make it possible. Rather than saying I don’t know how to say I can learn how to. The first sentence forces your mind to relax and rest without doing anything about your issues while the latter forces you think of solutions.


Proactivity is a really productive skill to learn and it’s starts with awareness. As a student, applying proactivity to your study life and other parts of your life would help you a great deal.

I hope you found this tips helpful. Please leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this article.

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