Anohana- The flower we saw that day review

Anohana- The flower we saw that day review

TITLE– Anohana The flower we saw that day

CREATED BY: Tatsuyiki Negai, Mari Okada, Masayoki Tanaka

WRITER: Mari Okada

GENRE: Slice of life, romance

THEME: Grief, family, love, friendships, guilt

SETTING: Modern Japan

NUMBER OF EPISODES: 1 season 11 episodes

STATUS: Completed

Do you cry for movies? You might need to get your tissue

While watching this anime, I told myself that I would need to write a review that would totally capture the beauty of this work of art. The storyline of this anime is honest and simple. Very honest.

It tells the story of five kids and how they deal with grief after losing a childhood friend. When she comes back as a spirit and appears to only one of them, the now grown up kids are forced to reunite in order to help her find peace.

People deal with grief in so many ways and Anohana shows us the different ways grief can affect humans and how it changes them.

” Everyone has changed, that’s not it. The one who’s changed the most is me” Jinta Yadomi

Like I asked, Do you cry for movies? Do you cry for animes? I actually started crying from the first episode and it wasn’t intentional (Do people cry intentionally?)

I’m not weak tho, I’m an empath but even at that… Who cries when watching the first of episode of an anime? The first episode is where you get to know the characters so it would take brilliant story telling to get the readers to relate to the characters in the first episode. This is what this anime gets right.

The plot is simple yet in so many ways it reveals the intricacies of being human. This anime reinforces the notion that we must strive to live today because tomorrow might be too late.

Jinta one of the characters from Anohana says I thought I could just apologise tomorrow but tomorrow never came.

I wanted an emotional anime, so I searched the internet to find something emotional yet with a superb storyline. That was how I found Anohana. It had a rating 8.8 which is why I actually downloaded it. I didn’t regret it because this anime delivered.

The plot

The plot carefully shows us the life of all the characters and how they slowly create a bond from dealing with their grief. Also it shows us the effects of trauma on little children.

For fear of spoiling the anime, I’m withholding information. But if you think you are masculine and tough, you can watch this anime as a try not to cry challenge. I dare you.

The characters

Every episode gives more information about each of the characters which makes it even more touching. The more I watched, the more I found myself thinking about my childhood and how much I have changed. How much my friends have changed.

In no time, you would come to love the characters; Jinta, whose trauma causes him to withdraw from the world. Menma, the girl whose ghost forces the group together. Anaru who is easily influenced by friends. Atsumu, who suffered from inferiority complex as a kid. Tsuruko, the extremely serious and logical girl. Finally there’s poppo who is the only seemingly Happy and positive character amongst the friends.

What I find beautiful about these characters is the fact they are relatable. If you look closely, you will find that you can see yourself in any of those characters. The anime showcases how each of this character developed both physically and emotionally as it has a character driven plot.

Graphics/ detailing

The graphics are also very good and the attention to detail is commendable. When I watch animes, I like to look for little things like a scattered room or things placed in the wrong places.

I just try to find links that make it feel more human like. You will find that in this anime, there’s a lot of showing, just by seeing their outfits and homes you can tell the personalities of the characters.


The dialogue is also intelligently written. The writer was not trying too hard to impress. It was natural. Maybe that was why it easily struck my heart and forced out so much tears.


The themes explored by this animes are some of my favorites, love, life and friendships. It is because we can all relate to this things. It shows us the innocence of love and the beauty of friendships.


I loved everything about the anime although you might find the first episode a bit slow. But once you realize what is going on, the tears hit hard.

If you don’t cry after watching this anime, then I’m afraid you might be a serial killer. I’m kidding but you would have to be a rock to not melt for this anime.

If you are looking for an anime with loveable characters, capable of crawling under your skin and hitting the hardest parts of your heart then Anohana is just right. It effortlessly combines the supernatural with reality while filtering out anime stereotypes.

Although the anime ends giving closure in the first season, a lot of us still want a season 2.

Here’s a download link to Anohana

Download Anohana


If you loved my review or if you would love to watch this anime, let me know in the comment section. If you have never seen an anime and you feel it’s cartoon like check out this post I wrote on reasons why you should watch anime.

Honestly, it is worth it. I’m rating this anime


It’s a must watch!

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