An interview with Oluwamuyiwa Aderibigbe

An interview with Oluwamuyiwa aderibigbe a Nigerian Basketballer

Hey hey guys.
Today’s interview is with one funny black guy I have known for like three years. I met him through a mutual friend at Ilorin. And this particular guy was shy. I mean he refused to look at me.

I refuse to embarrass him any further since that was three years ago. Plus he’s currently SINGLE and wants to mingle. Apply in and within…. Something like that.

Let’s just get to the interview.

1)Thank you so much for doing this interview. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do? Where do you study? What are your hobbies?

Oluwamuyiwa sitting on a tyre

My name is Oluwamuyiwa Aderibigbe. 2nd boy of the Aderibigbe’s. In reality I’m 5”10 but I feel like I’m 7”7. I’m a student. Studying chemistry in University of ilorin but now I feel it’s Chemistry that is studying me. I love listening to music and I don’t know if eating counts as a hobby.

And yes, I breathe basketball

2) Where did your love for basketball come from ?

It all started as a joke though. I am wacky at football from the onset so the interest to play it wasn’t there. Everytime my school moved to Airforce base to play football, I would sit close to the basketball court watching. And I guess I feel in love then

I was lucky to start when we moved to Ogun state and the owner of my new school was a basketball fan so the game started in the school. That was when I started playing.

3)How long have you been playing and what fuels the your passion?

I’d say 6 years.
Comfort. It has always been comfort . I started playing basketball while I was dealing with problems at home. The court is a place where I forget everything. And I always what you be in a place where I’m always comfortable.

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4)So far what can you say has been your lowest moment while playing basketball?

Secondary school.

I broke 6 of my fingers attempting a free throw line dunk. I could not play basketball for 5-6 months. I felt useless.
And till this very day I haven’t summoned up the courage to dunk the ball again. Even with a low rim I would not take off to try.

5)What’s your major goal for Basketball? Do you want it as a career or is it for fun?

I won’t say no to a career of what I love.

6)Describe a moment when you felt so proud of yourself on the basketball court?

I know I’m not the same man anytime I step on court and leave the court so I’m proud of myself for growing.

7) Besides basketball, what do you do?

This question is funny because looking at it, I don’t do anything besides basketball. Tried to start a few businesses but it never got past the planning stage

8)Who is you favorite basketball player and role model

My own favorite player is different from my role model.

My favorite player is Derrick Rose

But my role model is still LeBron James. He has always been my role model

9)How do you balance academics with basketball?

To be honest I don’t know how. I have always leaned more on the basketball side than academics. But then the balancing is just there.

10) So tell us more about your course and your interest in it

Chemistry is a nice course for people who are actually geniuses. I’m not one so let’s say I’m actually 45% interested in it.

11)Living in Ilorin, what’s your funniest experience

I literally begged this man not to speed with this bike. Man legit overtook 3 trucks at once. I was crying on the bike

Me: 😂was he an hausa man?

Yes na

Me: As if I knew.

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12) Two things you hate about Unilorin and two things you love

There’s nothing to love about Unilorin but I’d say I love the fact that it gave me the access to play basketball as much as I can. I also love the people it gave me for the growth I needed.

I can’t say much about the hate though because I’ve been taught to ignore the things I don’t like.

Five random questions are you ready

Yes ma😌

First question

13)Let’s see how much you truly like basketball. One million dollars and never play basketball again or continue playing basketball with no money.

It’s dollars ma’am. I’m picking it.

If I was a US citizen, I have a 70% chance of making more than that amount with basketball

14) If you could buy your dream car, what car would it be?

A Mclaren Speedtail😍

Me: 😂lol I have never heard of it before.

One of the best speedcars. It was love at first sight

15)Do you watch animes? If yes who is your favorite anime character?

Ichigo Kurosaki

Me: From which anime and why do you love him

I just love underdogs and he started as one. A human that wields that amount of power

16) Who is the most amazing person you have in your life right now. Give a shout out.

My Mom❤️

The Best

17)What’s your Nick name and how did you get it

It means sugar.
A then faithful girl of mine use to call me that so it stuck.

Final question.

18)What would you tell any nigerian student who is interested in playing basketball?

My advice no pass listen to your coaches. They know more. And practice makes perfection so you know what to do😌
Thank you so much for doing this interview

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An interview with Oluwamuyiwa AderibigbeI

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