Beauty is everywhere, you just have to find it

All the beautiful things we ignore- A visit to Iloko dam

Iloko-Ijesha somewhere in Osun state, Nigeria.

While we chase the big things, we sometimes forget about all the beautiful things right in front of us.

I have always said I live in a town where nothing ever happens because technically, everything is the same every day. There are barely parties or restaurants or anything most people would find exciting.(I’m not even a party person)

That has been my excuse for not going out in the past one year. I spent most of time working or just sleeping.

But this year, I told myself I would be going out more. It’s one of my big goals. ( I have started forking up my new year resolutions. It took just seven days to restore back to factory settings.)

When I said I would be going out more, I meant I would be going to big places. Places of interest where a lot of people visit. For me going out meant well going to beautiful places far away from home.

Which is why I pushed that goal aside for later when I’m rich enough. You know, when I have enough money to travel to different countries.

I have always wanted to go to the dam here in Iloko-Ijesha but I always forget or postponed going there. Plus I didn’t think it was such a big deal. I thought it was nothing exciting. So I always found a reason not to go.

Yesterday, I eventually dragged myself out of the house and I did it, I went outside.

A beautiful picture of me

I actually stayed indoors for a whole week straight. I won’t call myself an introvert because I like to talk a lot. I’m only lazy when it comes to going out. I’m a lazyvert.

But I got dressed and told myself “Kita you are going outside today even if it’s going to kill you.”

I made a new friend before going

I went over to my neighbor’s house before going to the dam and I met their cousin who came visiting from another state. We got talking and she told me she has also been inside a lot since she came down to Iloko. I told her I was going to the dam and asked if she would like to join me.

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Later that evening, we met and she was as excited as I was to see the dam. By the way, her name is Tomi and she’s a fashion designer. Her works are really great too.

Kita and tomi

The path to the dam

The walk to the dam was long but it was totally worth it. We talked about a lot of things. You probably wouldn’t know we had never had any conversations before then. 3 words, it was fun.

Mum said the path to the dam was a forest and she didn’t want me to get kidnapped. I thought it was a forest too until I saw the number of beautiful buildings there. One building even had a basketball court. With night lights and everything. I was shocked. I was shocked shocked. (My mum is an introvert enabler. I’m going out people.)

The best part was that as we moved closer to the dam, everywhere got cooler. Not cool as in dope but cool as in not warm which makes it cool as in dope.(read this as many times as possible)

On our way there we passed by an abandoned pig sty. I think it would make a good site for a Nigerian horror movie. I took a picture cause that’s what I do.

The biggest mistake I made was not charging my phone. So we didn’t take enough pictures. But we took enough to share.

As we moved towards the dam, we saw a big tyre. It looked like something for a tractor or trailer so we took a few pictures sitting on it.


The calming waters

A beautiful picture of the dam

To be sincere I didn’t know what to expect. I had never been to a dam before.
The view was beautiful. It looked like one of those paintings or destination pictures. I still can’t stop thinking about how beautiful it was.

We both took pictures before my phone finally died.

Just staring at the waters, I realized how much we take nature for granted. How much I took Nigeria for granted. For a minute there I felt a kind of peace I had never felt before.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I have ever gotten so close to a river. The closest I have been to water was during a trip to lekki. We had an inter school debate and we pass through the third mainland bridge. I legit thought I was going to die. Because I have never seen that much water before.

If there’s anything the walk to the dam taught me, it is that there’s so much to explore in the world. Also there’s a lot we ignore while staring at our screens all day which is why this post is titled all the beautiful things we ignore.

Note to self

I will go out more to see nature. Nature is beautiful, peaceful and calming.

Coming back from the dam

I’m happy Tomi went with me because it made the trip more fun( trip or walk)
I got to know her better on our way home. We both talked about business, school, branding, nature and a lot of other topics.

I even went home with her and spent a couple of minutes at my neighbor’s house before finally going home. Like I said I love talking.

When I eventually got home, I was tired from all the walking. I wouldn’t be tired if I stuck to my goals religiously. Exercise, Kita exercise. I know what you are thinking, I know I’m slim. Like why do I need to exercise? Well I’m a basketball player and I’m supposed to always be fit sort of.

It’s necessary for everyone to be fit actually. Slim does not mean fit. So exercise. I would try to get back to working on my new year resolutions.

Be motivated today

If you read this to the end, I’m about to inspire you or motivate you. Get out more! Get out more. Connect with nature. It’s reenergizing. You would feel better. I’m done motivating you.

Extra words you didn’t ask for

Nature is free. Sometimes we need hugs, sometimes we need friends and other times we just need to connect with the green world. We need to stare at water and breathe in non toxic air. We are surrounded by a beautiful world but we are daily distracted by our phones and gadgets.

Beauty exists In all the little things. We just have to find it.

This is the part where I say thanks for reading.

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Did you enjoy my story?

Where would you like to go to connect with nature?

Are you an extrovert, introvert or lazyvert?
How fast do you make friends?

Am I the only one that thinks Tomi is super beautiful and should try modelling?

Comment below because I would like to hear from you. 

P.s I know we all struggle with putting down our names and emails in boxes but please, do this for me. Do it for Kita. Support my hustle. Motivate me as I have motivated you. Thanks in advance. 

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  1. Beautifully written❤👌
    Sometimes, we need things we don’t think of,and they’re not always materialistic…❤❤❤

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