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About me

Who Is Kita?

My real name is actually Adesewa Ajifowobaje but somehow I prefer to be called Kita. Well, kita is a name I picked up from my Sissy’s mum’s name. Sissy is my older friend. She’s Congolese and her mum’s name is kitapindu. I totally stole her mum’s name.


I’m a student of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-ife. Yup, the Oba awon University. I am one of the majority of wounded doctors in the University. By wounded doctors I mean those who applied for medicine and got other courses. I am currently studying Soil Science and land resources management in the University.

When I’m not running late to classes or sleeping in the middle of night reading while clutching to my phone for security reasons in a lecture theater, I’m writing. Yes I love writing. I have been writing since I was eight.
Besides reading school books, sleeping and writing, I love to do a bunch of other stuff. I play basketball on weekends and enjoy singing.

I smile a lot I promise

Why did I started this blog?

So many people think I started this blog primarily to make money. Not that I would say money isn’t one of the reasons but it isn’t totally the primary objective.

I have a lot of mistakes in my eighteen years of being on Earth and I have learnt some painful lessons so far that i would like those who are yet to make them to learn them. What better way is there to showcase my talent and also help students in the University or students hoping to get into the University find their balance than start a blog.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for every student in Nigeria and abroad. It’s for students who have lost hope in the education system. It’s for students who would like to make their grades better. Its even very important for fresher’s in university. It’s also for parents who would like to understand their children better.

This blog is designed to make the journey of every student less stressful than normal (it’s not like I can put the H in university. By H I mean happiness) if you ask me universities were not designed to make students happy. It’s my opinion but some of us have found ways to create space for H in UNIVERSITY. UNIHVERSITY.

Why you should suscribe to my blog?

My blog offers exclusive inside look with expert advice (from me and other experienced people)on living your best life as a student. It gives an all round insight on fashion, academic performance, healthy living.

Finally, I welcome you to my space, my thoughts and a part of my head.

Have any questions? Get in touch.

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