A poem about boys, love, chocolates and making our parents proud

Hey guys.

Today, I woke up to a Facebook notification of pictures I posted 3 years ago. It’s crazy how time flies. My best friend and I are still close till date which I’m super grateful about. So I thought to write her a poem.


I sent it to her inbox, but I thought it would be sweet if everyone could read it. We all have that one friendship that runs way back.

P.s all my other friends should not get jealous. I promise to write you guys poetry too.

A poem about boys, love, chocolates and making our parents proud

On some days we would sit and go on and on

About the future

About boys

About chocolates and dreams

About school, medicine and making our parents proud

We would walk around the field filled with people

You spilling out discreet details of the things you desire.

With I doing the same.

We knew fairytales were not real

But we dreamed them anyways.


Remember when you said you wanted a wrist watch

But not from me, from him

So after you left I made a junior call him

I told him you wanted wanted a wrist watch

Something to remember him by.

Thankfully he got you a wrist watch

I don’t know what became of it.

But life moved on


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We learnt harshly that fairytales would hurt us

That the world was not chocolate and dreams

The world was sad and bitter

That trust will hurt us

But we still did it anyways

Remember that day I called you,

I was so broken and you were broken too

We both cried on the phone for a few minutes

Life is stupid some times, very stupid

Maybe we were both just stupid

30 questions every year till I turn 30

We continued talking

About love, boys and making our parents proud

I guess girls never learn.

Medicine didn’t pick us both

So we struggled to make sense of the life we had.

I was miles away so we called only once in a while

Giving life updates on boys, love and making our parents proud.

You told me there were a lot of fine boys in your school

And that shit was falling apart

Life was falling apart

So we talked about heart breaks and cheating boys

Cheating boys…

Exams, pharmacy, life is fucked up

But we moved on


We gave life another chance to hurt us

Another chance to push us around

In time, dreams became nightmares

Nightmares became insomnia.

When we met, we talked about

Giving up, about being tired, about dieing single

Fuck love, fuck life, fuck everything

We talked about regrets

About mistakes

I did that thing, when I say “I told you so”

So you were mad at me, sort of

I guess I’m a little judgy

But you are also stubborn, a goat.

Maybe we Never listen to each other.

Like that day when you told me it would end in tears

And that day when I told you, you will hurt yourself

Well, it ended in tears and you hurt yourself.

But we kept trying.


In time, we talked about depression
About living

About how tough it was to make our parents proud

About dropping out

About competition

About being broke

But we still talked

Maybe once in a while we fought

Because of our mutual laziness to cook

But we still talked

About making money

About business

About not cooking

About getting drunk and having fun.

Some of our dreams came true

Like love and chocolate

Like sleeping over at each other’s

Spoiling each other and going broke

Buying matching trousers

Fuck life, fuck love, fuck everything

Now we talk

About annoying parents

About writing

About Fashion designing

About boys and chocolates

Maybe we are stupid, but life is stupid too

And we must chop this life together
With boys

With chocolate

While making our parents proud.


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