A life without data

A life without data (Life updates, 3rd week of January)

A life without data

Its most people’s nightmare. Not having airtime to call or not having data subscription. I used to feel it’s like being away from the whole world. Today I don’t feel like that. I feel like not having data means having enough time to listen to yourself.

Being online is seeing different people’s opinions and activities shoved into your mind. It’s sort of like walking into a world where mind’s meet. There are a lot of crazy and polluted minds out there. Did I forget to add creepy? That is why I currently feel at peace not being online.

I can see my physical world clearly even though I’m still pretty much in my mind. But I’m not so oblivious to everything around. I hear the sound of people beating drums from a distance. I hear birds chirping and bees making that annoying buzz sound.I even hear my neighbor sweeping her room.

The beauty of being dataless is that you hear more than just silence.(if you are me)

I miss my friends, weirdly. It’s not weird that I miss MO. I would miss MO even if I was online. Missing my friends is what is weird. I don’t really chat with them when I’m online. I only read their status and wait for them to upload more. (I’m more of a caller than a chatter. This sounds so wrong in my ears but I’m not deleting it)

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I miss YouTube and Pinterest a little. If I had data, I would be spending it on YouTube watching people teach me how to be productive or watching videos about filming. It’s kind of my new hobby. I have been learning a lot about cameras and lights lately.

On Pinterest, I would probably be pinning articles I might never read to boards like a crazy old lady.( I doubt that old people use Pinterest)

I might also stop by Instagram. I don’t really do much there. I basically read instablog for gossip when I’m extremely bored.( It doesn’t occur often) I also watch funny videos and go on liking sprees.(I like people’s videos and pictures without thinking.)

Lately, I have been stalking Korty’s story. It’s kind of creepy. I know. By the way, Korty is a Nigerian YouTuber I’m loving now.




Since I can’t do any of that, I read a book. Guess who read up to 600 pages this morning, this girl. And it was fun and worth it. I read fangirl, A young adult sort of coming of age story. If I feel generous, I would review it. I also read a Danielle Steel book, family Album. She’s my mum’s favorite Author so we have a lot of her books at home.



I have been doing a lot of journalling and soul searching. Plus I listened to my reggae playlist like 6 times since yesterday. It’s official, I love Bob Marley. His music is relaxing. It makes me feel like I’m on an island and I’m wiggling my waist to the sound of waves. Thankfully harmattan is here so I feel cool.



I have also been writing a lot. I’m working on a story I hope to share on my blog really soon. It’s Young Adult fiction since that’s what I have been reading lately. I don’t want to talk too much about it in case I decide to give up. I hope not.


This picture means a lot to me.

The best part of being offline is one awesome anime I watched. No doubts, I would be reviewing it. Promise Neverland is so good that it makes me want to scream everytime I think about it.

I had Goosebumps while watching. I was literally on the edge of my sit through out. It was so good that I watched it while eating, I watched it while working and even in the ladies. And that was just season one. I heard season 2 is out at the moment. I actually plan to read the manga. (Yes I’m a nerd)

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Not being online has affected my blog progress because I haven’t been able to post as I want to. I even planned to post an interview I had with Aisha on Saturday but I couldn’t.

I have been working on other things like the articles I would be posting, stories and interview questions. Let’s just say I have been doing a lot of brainstorming. I’m positive it would pay off.

Besides work and relationship, the dataless life is pretty much a stress-free life. To be honest, I had zero anxieties, zero drama and zero distractions.

P.s this particular piece was coined out of my journal.

I was going to give a life update before this one but life happened.

Anyways this is what/Who I’m currently doing and loving at the moment.

YA fiction

Filming and cameras

Korty EO(The best Nigerian vlogger I know rn)

Promise Neverland

Bridgerton( And I have not even watched it yet)

Phebe( She’s my favorite person at the moment. I will say why in another post.)

Peace, peace, peace

The only thing I’m slightly worried about is the fact that I’m moving back to campus. It’s mostly about seeing my crazy friends. I wonder if anyone grew taller or if I’m the only one who looks exactly the same.


I barely meditated/exercised through out this week but I was particular about eating well.

I didn’t go out at all. I know I’m weird. Honestly I didn’t go out and I had fun.


I will write an update at the end of the month. I should be at school by then.

I really enjoyed typing this piece because it was fun reading my own thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed it as well

Tell me what you are loving at the moment in the comment section.


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