5 reasons why you need your alone time. Kita's blog

5 reasons why your alone time is important

5 reasons why your alone time is important.

5 reasons why you need your alone time. Kita's blog
An average female student’s day goes like this; she wakes up early in the morning, She attends lectures in a lecture theater full of people making noise, she meets up with friends after classes and then she goes home.

Her boyfriend comes over and they spend time together, he leaves and her talkative roommate returns to the room, they talk about the day’s events,she goes online on social media, she gets tired ,she sleeps off and continues the routine all over again.
In all of that she doesn’t get the chance to be alone without having to worry about an event she’s missing out on. That’s the kind of life a lot of Nigerian students live today.

Sometimes, I like to think the world is rigged and we are forced to always interact with people (not that it is bad or anything.) But it can get really tiring.

Then again, there’s the crazy stereotype that alone means lonely and it spells boredom. The truth is that you can actually be in the midst of people or even be in a relationship and still be bored and lonely.

Alone time should never be perceived as boring because there are so many benefits of spending time alone. This world already does a good job in making sure we are always around people,we might as well just enjoy and maximize the little time we spend alone. Again, alone does not mean lonely

 Reasons why you need your alone time.

1)Self discovery:

The only way you can truly know more about your friends is by spending time with them. It is after spending time with them that you can decide whose personalities you like and who you would like to cut off. It’s the same with spending time alone, you won’t know who you are unless you spend time with yourself. Here’s an article I wrote on self discovery; How to discover yourself- 5 steps.

2) To heal from toxic people:

Toxic people are everywhere. They are family, friends, the boss at work and they have an impact on the way we see ourselves directly or indirectly.

Being in relationships with toxic people can be damaging to your mental health and even physical health. Alone time or solitude is needed to heal such damages. It will take spending time alone and thinking of positive things and reasons why you deserve peace to heal from such damages.

3) Building mental strength:

Spending time alone helps you realize that you are enough. It creates this sort of self love. It can quickly build yourself confidence because when you spend time in your own company, you realize your strengths and weeknesses.

This realization reduces your insecurities because you in time find out that you do not need other people’s validation to feel good about yourself. You won’t even feel the pressure of remaining in a relationship where you are not valued or happy. This is because you won’t be scared of being alone or by yourself.

4) Planning your life:

You can’t actually do this when you are constantly surrounded by too many people. If you always have people around you, chances are that you will be discussing a lot of things but not yourself.

Even when you discuss your plans with others, you might get discouraged or you might lose interest in pursuing them.
Spending time alone creates an avenue for you to brood and think of the kind of life you want to live and how you want to achieve it.

5) Creativity:

Most creatives will tell you that they get their best ideas when they are alone. Silence really works wonders and it helps spark up million dollar ideas.

Most people who are always in large gatherings of people rarely have time to think of amazing and life changing ideas. They rarely even have time to create something new out of nothing.


In conclusion:

It is very important that we enjoy and spend wisely the little time we have alone. Sometimes, all we need to do is switch off our phones, lock up our doors and let our minds work wonders. The solutions to our many problems sometimes lie in enjoying our alone time.

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10 thoughts on “5 reasons why your alone time is important”

  1. Apt. I “literally” get choked when I don’t have my time alone, it reduces my quality of life and satisfaction. Having an alone time helps you to sincerely be yourself, gives you a sense that you are still in control of your life and not under a worldwide siege

      1. Hmmmm!
        At last I have someone who can really put who I am into words.
        Being alone most times is the best aspect of your life.
        There’s this joy when I’m alone.

        Great job Kita

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