Monday morning Vibe-ish quotes

5 positive vibes quotes to start your week with

Hey guys! I hope you had a fun weekend.

At first I was going to post inspirational quotes for the start of a new week then I realized we need great vibes more.

Let’s say I went looking for five quotes worth pondering upon. Five quotes to help you enjoy your week.

Work like you don't need the money. Love like you have never been hurt. Dance like no one is watching.
I’m not exactly sure of what the writer meant by “work like you don’t need the money” but judging from the other two sentences, the writer seems to be implying that we enjoy our freedom. It’s easier for almost anyone to dance when no one is watching because we wouldn’t have to worry about people judging us. The sentence “Love like you have never been hurt” encourages us to forget about our past troubles and love hard regardless.


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I do not have time to hate people who hate me. I am just too busy loving the ones that really love me
Harboring hate for people regardless of how much they hate us or hurt us is not advisable. It messes with your vibrations and gives you more of negative energy. Negative vibes makes it harder for you to be productive.

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Challenges are what makes life so interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life so beautiful.
It is impossible to live a life without challenges. Even in movies, the more challenges the hero faces, the more interesting the hero’s storyis. We can’t escape challenges and so we must face them head on while being positive that we can over come them.

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You should cleanse yourself of bad vibes. Let good vibes flow instead.
Bad vibes really does affect our output. It’s important for us to regularly cleanse ourselves of bad vibes. Vibes are almost like airborne disease. One person’s bad vibe can affect a large number of people. We have to wake sure that we wake off bad thoughts as soon as we think them and embrace positive thoughts.


Spending your day complaining about yesterday with not make tomorrow any better.
It’s very easy for us to find ourselves in a loop of the past. Thinking on and on about how we could avoided a mistake. The more we think about the past and how we could have changed things, the more we feel bad about our present. No matter what happens, we must remember that we can’t control everything and that nothing lasts forever.


Have a nice and productive week ahead. Make sure to be full of positive vibes.


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