5 easy steps to follow when your course is changed



5 easy steps to follow when your course is changed 

I decided to write this article specifically because year in year out many people’s solid dreams are crumbled and crushed during their quest for admission in the university. It had been for me when I was given admission into the university for a course I had never heard of. I could say they were the nights when I cried the most.

Imagine working so hard for something and getting nothing close to it. My first four weeks in the university was so miserable because I still couldn’t come to terms with the fact that my entire life plan had been changed.

Well, this article is not to remind us on how they failed to meet the cut off mark or how we didn’t work hard enough to get medicine or accounting or law or whatever it is you chose, it is centered on everything you left behind while chasing these courses.

Most Nigerian parents want their wards to study the top notch courses, some of the courses I mentioned above. Some parents are even very stubborn,they say things like” you must study law or I’m not paying your school fees” the implication of this is students reading and studying with fear.

Who is this article for?

Through my stay in the university I have met more people doing courses that they didn’t choose than people doing what they want. This article is for the wounded doctors( people that chose medicine and ended up with chemistry, biochemistry, agriculture etc), for the wounded lawyers (students that chose law and ended up in English education, English, foreign languages, Yoruba etc)and also for the wounded accountants.

So what do you do when everyone insist it’s better you take the course you have been offered and leave home because staying at home is worse than doing a course you didn’t choose. The torment you get from church members and your neighbors would also be avoided. All those questions that create holes in your heart”when are you going to school?”,”why are you still at home?”

This article is for those who are unhappy with the course they are doing but didn’t pick, it’s for those who are about sinking into the same pit, for those who were lucky enough to do what they chose,for parents and guardians and also for those who chose to sit for another jamb.

What happens when students do a course they didn’t choose;

1) They lose a sense of purpose:

Humans are purpose driven. They always want to feel needed,they want to matter. Changing someone’s dreams does more than change the person’s career prospect, it kills the person from the inside and creates a source of confusion in the individual’s life.

2) They struggle to come to terms with the course:

I have heard many students say they want to sit for another JAMB or they want to take change of course forms simply because they don’t see themselves becoming what they are studying.

3) They are encouraged to try to love the course:

chances are that the individual still wouldn’t be able to pass JAMB for the course of their choice so they feel stuck in the course or won’t be able to do change  of course successfully.The parents and well wishers will begin to advise that they generate a love for the course.

4) They become unserious:

When a student is failing in the University, it’s usually because they don’t love the course they are offered. When you do something you don’t like it’s usually out of fear, the fear of ending up as a loser or not getting a good job or becoming poor.

The truth is sooner or later the person starts to lose this fear. Then they take on the phrases”Las Las school na scam”, “make I just graduate”,” I no fit kill myself”,”lemme Sha score forty pass mark” They stop going to classes, they stop feeling remorse for failing and then their GP begins to tremble.
Well after the trembling GP they are either asked to withdraw or they change to simpler courses or they pile up extra years. This is what usually happens, from studies
Instead of going through that ridiculous process.

5 easy steps to follow when your desired course is changed

1) Understand yourself:

The sad truth is many students don’t really know who they are if they are not following their parent’s advise. There is a need for you to study yourself and what you love. Do not study a course just because of the money and respect that comes with it,study it because you love it.

Study something that you would love so much that it wouldn’t matter if the pay is high of not. Know your strength and weaknesses. No one is perfect in every area. Look for the part you are good at.

2) Reflection:

If your course has been changed you need to sit and reflect on the course you chose before and the one you have been given. Do not let the excitement of getting admission enter into your head. You need to ask yourself questions like

a) Do I really love the course I chose before.

b) Do I actually see myself becoming what I chose before.

c) Can I handle this change of course.

d) Can I fall in love with this course

e) If I can’t, what do I do. Do I resit JAMB or do I apply for change of course to follow my dream course.

f) what are the chances that I would score higher in JAMB if I resume for the new course

g) How easy is it to change to my dream course using change of course form in the university.

If you can fall in love with the course go right ahead. If you can’t and you are in a hurry to resume calm down and rethink your decision. Also keep an open mind. Remember that we all don’t follow the same success clock.

3) Do your research:

Research about your new course. Learn more about it. It’s possible that the new course might be more interesting than the one you chose. Look for the journey opportunities it has in Nigeria and abroad. You can even check for the business opportunities it has.

4) Have a plan:

Don’t resume to school without a plan. God’s plan is the best but have yours too. If you plan to write jamb again, that would be plan A. If you plan to do change of course, it would be your plan B. Plan C would be if plan A and B fails, it is to stay and thrive in the course while doing other things you love.

If you already love the course before going in good for you but if you still don’t and you can’t wait at home to get what you really want, you might be putting yourself in a situation you won’t love. Which is why you need to have three plans with an open mind.

*plan A:

It shouldn’t go beyond your first year. If you are planning to write JAMB again while studying in school you might face a few problems which I would discuss later in my blog. Make sure you focus on your school work as well so if plan A doesn’t work, plan B or C might work.

*Plan B:

The plan should take effect in your first or second year. This is the change of course plan. This plan might not work if you plan to change to high profile courses like Medicine. It would only work when your CGP is beyond average and your parents or guardians can pull a few strings.

*Plan C:

well if you loved your new  course from the start this would be your plan A. This one should be activated from year 1or year 2. Love the course and do other things you love.
Whatever you do keep your GP sitting like a king and not begging for help.

5) school is not for school smarts alone:

If you loved a particular sport before resuming, then go ahead and learn to be better at the sport and if you loved debates and public speaking events, go right ahead and focus on it. It could even be dance, join a dance crew. You can learn a language or even learn to play an instrument. You should learn a trade too and even how to run a business.

Your school plan shouldn’t be about your course alone. If you learn some of this things, it eliminates the fear of what will you will do when you graduate. It gives you options so you don’t have to worry about not getting a job when you come out.

While you might think that the stars are not aligned in your favor or that you are unlucky, you might come to realize that your course being change was the best thing that ever happened to you.

I hope this article was helpful. Leave a comment if you still have questions.


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