5 books we should all read at least once

5 books every Nigerian business owner must read at least once

The truth is that you can only give what you have. Unless you have in-depth knowledge about a subject or topic it would be almost impossible to discuss or teach people about it correctly. This simply means that a poor teacher cannot teach you how to be rich.


We live in a world where so many people claim to have knowledge on how to teach you to make millions of dollars while they themselves are struggling

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that sees tonnes of ads claiming to know how to turn me into a millionaire in one week or in one day. Well, if they knew they probably wouldn’t be so Keen to share.

Anyways, the books I would be reviewing today are enlightening books filled with knowledge on business and financial intelligence.

They cover all the different topics associated with starting a business, managing it, marketing and getting investors.

I have read all of the books I would be reviewing today and in so many ways, they have change the way I think.

5 books every business person must read at Least once

From experience, the average Nigerian doesn’t like reading. But the only place you can find in depth knowledge and learn from other people’s mistakes is through books.

That is why I try to encourage people to read books as much as possible. The books I would be reviewing and recommending are all written by well known rich people and business gurus who have shared their experiences through writing.

Let’s get straight to the review

1) Small business, big money – Akin Alabi

This book was written by Akin Alabi the CEO of the popular bet 9ja company. The reason why this book is number one on my reading list is because it is relatable.

What I noticed with reading foreign business books is that I can’t relate to most things they use as examples. That’s why I thoroughly enjoyed reading Small business, big money.

Not only was it relatable and conversational, it was also humorous.

Akin Alabi used his past and present experiences to create this brilliant masterpiece.

From starting the right business to understanding your niche and competition, Akin Alabi explained everything you need to know about small business in Nigeria. Also, he debunked most of the myths associated with entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

That’s right, before you jump on the bandwagon of association of CEOs read this book.

What I love about about this book is how he teaches us to startup the right business, manage it and market it the right way and through the appropriate channels.

He explains how to make money from small capital with ease. The best part is that everything he discusses is short and concise. I actually finished reading the book in one sitting and it’s not because I’m a fast reader. The book is what I like to call edutaining.

Even his story is inspirational. My take home is that if Akin Alabi can make it, I can too.

Here’s my favorite quote in his book

“Don’t start a business because you are looking for a way to pay your rent at the end of the month. In the words of a musician, koker, “kolewerk” It is called building a business. When you use the term build, it means it would take some time to see results.”

If you plan to start a business or you own a small business which you would like to grow into a big business, this book is a must read.


2) Rich Dad poor Dad
Robert kiyoshaki

This is one book everyone should read before their thirties. I think I read this book a year ago when I was still all about my academics alone.

To be honest, this book totally changed my view about life and how to achieve success.
It’s actually a series and there are many books under it.

The first rich dad poor dad book I read was rich dad poor dad cash flow quadrant. After which I read Rich dad poor dad what the rich teach their kids about money and the poor don’t. Later, I read Rich Dad poor Dad before you quit your job.

In all of those books, Robert kiyoshaki takes us through lessons he learnt from his poor dad who is his real dad and his rich dad who is friends dad.

I believe the reason why the rich dad poor Dad series is such a hit and bestseller is because a lot of us can relate to poor dad method of getting rich. Which is go to school, get a job buy a house, raise children. Robert kiyoshaki describe this as the rat race.

He explains that all of this won’t give financial freedom or the kind of wealth that you desire. Yet this is what most poor dad’s teach.

In the course of the book, he changes the perspective of the readers from believing in the wrong poor dad mindset to a rich dad mindset that works.

It’s also conversational and the writer shares different tips and lessons he learnt from running different businesses.

All in All the rich dad poor dad series is a must read for every young business owner. Or anyone who is new to entrepreneurship.

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3) How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

I think I added this book to my greatest of all time reading list(Yes I have a GOAT list).
It’s not actually a full entrepreneurship book but its quite handy for anyone who wants to make great connections.

It’s one thing to start a business, it is another to get customers. Dale uses knowledge of psychology to come up with tips to create better relationships.

Creating great relationships drives business because humans are emotional creatures. If you have a hard time connecting with your staff, then they may find it difficult to help you run a successful business.

In Dale’s words

When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.

The common complaint most people have about this book is that they think it is manipulative. Some people also say that the book cannot help you create genuine friendships.

I don’t agree with the notion that the book is manipulative. Since manipulation means getting people to do things against their will.
Instead, this book preaches that people are more interested in themselves than they are in anyone else.

And so if you must create great relationships, you have to be interested in others. People have to believe you are not so much after your own gain as you are after yours.

But for any of this tips to work, you have to be genuinely interested in others.

To be honest, this book lays a solid foundation on marketing and management.
Dale Carnegie simply touches every aspect of human psychology and relates it with work, family and business.

I found the examples he gave relatable and helpful.

In the process of reading this book, I realized there was a lot I was doing wrong in my relationships. And all of those things could make me less successful.

If you have a problem connecting with your staff at work or you need help getting more customers, then this book is a must read.

4) The richest man in Babylon:
George. S clason

This is easily one of my favorite books on personal finance. Although it preaches the same message as Rich dad poor dad, it does it in a different and more interesting way.

The writer tells the story of ancient Babylon, one of the richest Nations in history. The story is told in the perspective of a rich man.
He explains the principles of financial freedom simply and clearly.

What I love about this book is the use of proverbs and analogy. Unlike most of the business books I have read this book paints a picture you won’t forget easily in your head.

The best part is that I actually read it in one sitting. Even if you are a slow reader, it won’t take you too long to read the entire book.
Whoever thinks self help books are boring has probably not read this book.(obviously)

Somehow it feels like reading the book of Solomon. It’s actually filled with ancient wisdom.

My favorite quote from this book

Every man must master his own spirit of procrastination before he can expect to share in the rich treasures of Babylon.

5) Getting things done: The art of stress free productivity
David Allen

I probably shouldn’t add this book to the review since I have only read the first 3 chapters. However, I can’t help it.

As someone who struggles with procrastination, this book has been particularly helpful for me. I started reading it some days ago.

I know it’s not really a business book but I believe it’s something every business owner should read.

Remember my favorite quote from the richest man in Babylon, this book is the solution for it.

This book uses psychology to explain the reasons why we are unable to get things done and it gives great tips to help improve productivity.

I tried out a few of the tips in the first and second chapter and now I feel more relaxed and I’m getting most of my tasks done.

It’s not enough to have the knowledge on entrepreneurship and business. If you procrastinate, you would have a hard time getting ahead.

David Allen’s getting things done is a book every business owner and entrepreneur should read.

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Initially, I wanted to review a list of books strictly on entrepreneurship but I thought it would be better to add some books I find really helpful

Here’s a list of entrepreneurship books you would find helpful

-Koltler on marketing, How to create win and dominate markets
Philip koltler

-How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules- Dan kennedy

-The entrepreneur’s guide to getting your shit together John carlton

– The seven habits of highly effective people Steven.R.Covey

-Think and grow rich Napoleon Hill

– The 1% rule Tommy Baker

When I can’t get my hand on the hard copies of these books, I read the PDFs.
I use anybooks app .You should find most of these books on Anybooks App.

or I download from PDF drive. I also belong to a few book clubs.

I really hope that you find this review helpful. I also hope that you would find these books helpful.

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