30 smart business ideas for Nigerian students

30 smart business ideas for university students in Nigeria

30 smart Business ideas for university students in Nigeria.

30 smart business ideas for Nigerian students

Being a Nigerian is hard enough, being a Nigerian student is even worse. There is always a course material to buy, a trip to pay for or a faculty program to attend. All in all there’s a need to spend money leaving you broke and devastated. It’s almost as if Nigerian universities have been designed to suck out money from students.

Coupled with the school expenses is the personal expenses. You always have to look good if not for potential suitors, at least for yourself. Looking good however comes with extra costs. Thinking about school, transport, feeding, cost of looking good and living in a well decorated apartment can bring a lot of headaches.

The problem is getting money, the solution is starting a business. Starting the right business for you is very important. Here are smart business ideas for you to pick from.

30 smart business ideas for University students in Nigeria

1) Match making:

In every university is a single student looking for a companion. No one really wants to be alone. Everyone wants a partner to share the lonely cold nights with. Added to that is the fact getting great relationships is increasingly harder. People end up with the wrong people but with your help as a matchmaker, they can end up with their prince charming or their Cinderellas.

This idea is quite simple to start. All you need is a WhatsApp TV or an Instagram account. Get singles to send in characteristics of their dream partners and also their characteristics, help them find someone that fits into what they want. They pay you to find the partner they want. You can start within your school and increase the scopes. You can eventually create an app or a website for matchmaking.

It’s a business that runs on trust and efficient marketing. People want great relationships, help them find it.

2) Sell used Textbooks or past questions:

After each semsester, most students end up throwing away past questions or materials. Instead of letting those books waste, you can offer to buy them at lower prices. For this you will need to have great negotiation skills. You will then resell to incoming students for a lesser price than the new ones.

The startup for this business depends on how many old books you are willing to buy. This business has a room for growth if run well.

3) Class notes business:

There are lazy students who do not like taking notes or they find it difficult to take notes. All you need is to acquire notes of different courses get them printed or make PDFs and sell it to these students. You can also have a WhatsApp TV which you use to acquire notes from people and resell to those in need.

You will need help from students with great notes from different departments on campus. Your advertising game must be strong for this to work better. Create a brand they know they can trust for the notes they need.

4) Start a YouTube channel:

Your YouTube channel could be a Vlog about your life, tricks,hacks or anything. It could be tutorials for what you do. My opinion is that You tube channels are untapped sources of income in Nigeria because there are several untouched aspects by Nigerians.

Besides comedy, people learn lots of stuff from YouTube including academics. You can get a team of brilliant students from different parts of the university to teach and explain different difficult topics. There are several departments and several topics which means there’s a lot of content.

When starting a YouTube channel, you can search for a niche most people enjoy but is not very competitive in Nigeria. Whatever you do, do it Creatively. For a great YouTube channel, you need a good Camera(phone camera), good lighting, you can use a light ring, graphic design knowledge. You can monetize your YouTube channel.

5) Furniture lending Service:

Most students end up selling their furnitures at a loss or giving it out for free after paying expensive sums for it. Students need tables, chairs, wardrobes and cabinets which you can rent out to them at certain prices.

For this to work out well, you need the help of furniture makers. You buy the furniture from them and rent it out to fresher’s, or staylites moving off campus. You can even buy furniture from finalists and rent them out.

Branding is very important because people need to know who you are and what you do. The more people know you, the higher your chances of growing. It can be capital intensive so it’s advisable to make it a partnership business.

6) Selling and making jewelery:

People generally use jewelry everyday. From wristwatches to earrings, bracelets, necklaces,waistbeads and necklaces. You can buy jewelery and resell. You can make the jewelry yourself and sell them. Jewelry making can easily be learnt from Youtube.

7) Baking and selling pastries:

You can learn to bake cakes and other pastries. People will patronize you if they know your pastries are great. You can start from your department. Advertisement and marketing is what will help you make great sales.

8) Tutor:

a) Academic tutor:

Not everyone understands things easily. If you are gifted in some courses, you can teach it to students and help them become better.

b) sport tutor:

If you are a really good athlete,you can teach people who are not so good or secondary school students for money.

c) Music tutor:

Most Nigerian students hope to learn how to play instruments or vocal coaching. You can help them become better instrumentalist or singers.

You can tutor people on other skills like writing, dance,forex, graphic design and so on.

9) Sewing / starting your clothing line:

If you do not know how to sew, you can learn from a really good fashion designer. For this business you need a sewing machine. You can save up for it. Students sew clothes for several events. It’s a very profitable business.
You can also start your clothing line. You can buy fabrics and see different styles in different sizes.

10) Grocery shopping for students:

Not all Nigerian students enjoy going to the market to shop for their groceries. You can take in their orders, shop for them and deliver it to their doorsteps.

Grocery shopping on Nigerian campuses can be very expensive so many students would tend to go off campus to buy food stuff. You can ease their stress and buy at cheaper prices for them.

11) Photography:

Nigerian students love photoshoots when celebrating birthdays. Which means there are customers for you if you can advertise and you give them the kind of pictures they want.

It’s a profitable business as you can sell images to stock photos and other platforms. You can make extra bucks during matriculations and convocations or ocassions on campus.

It’s however advisable to learn photography from professionals. Good cameras can be very expensive which is a limit factor in going into photography.

12) Makeup and selling cosmetics:

You can easily learn how to do makeup on YouTube. There are several videos teaching different things. You can buy most of the materials you need little by little. Till you have everything. There is always a function for female students to attend, from birthday parties to weddings. If people can trust your work, your customers will increase.

You can also sell cosmetics. While making up your customers face, you can advertise a powder you think they should use or a really good lip gloss.

13) Selling school supplies:

Most students buy school supplies on the first to third week of resumption. You can sell books, pens, sticky notes, highlighters and felt tip pens to students to aid their reading.

14) Painting service, drawing potraits, selling art supplies:

If you are talented in drawing or painting, you can make money through this means. This days most people love making potraits of people as gifts. Meanwhile the better you are, the more jobs you get.

You can couple this with selling art supplies to other students who are into art.

15) Organize trips:

Most campus trips get cancelled because of bad planning. You can help students oraganize and plan fun trips.

16) Interior decorations or craft making:

Everyone likes their room to look beautiful but most people don’t know how to go about it and get it done at a cheap and affordable price. You can help students design the room of their dreams at a price they can afford.

You will need to work with painters, furniture makers and crafts makers. All you need is knowledge and research to make it work.

17) Music,beat making, DJ services:

You can learn how to make beats from YouTube and sell your beats. You can also help people DJ for their events.

18) Selling provisions:

You can sell provisions like milk, Milo, salt, food seasoning,eggs,indomie ,pure water etc.. most students don’t like to walk long distance before seeing the things they need. It is advisable if you do not have too mauch competition in that area.

19) Event Organizer/promoter:

Say an event is about to take place in your faculty or university, you can help organize it and make it so good that people will instantly refer you. You can also be an event promoter but this would work better if you have a good following on social media.

20) Selling new and used clothes:

You can order clothes, bags and shoes from AliExpress and sell to other students.

21) Barbing /hairdressing/selling hair gearing items:

You can make good money from barbing especially if you are really good at it.
Female students always have to make their hair so you can make money from hair dressing.

While offering the above services, you can also sell hear gearing items. You can buy dandruff removing creams, shampoos or products that boost hair growth.

22) proof read essays:

You can get paid by helping students proof read their essays. Since the essays are important for the student’s grades they will want it to be the best. 

23)Social media influencing:

You can become a social media influencer and make money from paid adverts. It requires having a lot of followers.

24) project writing:

You can help finalists write or edit their projects since project writing is a very important aspect of a student’s grades

25) Affiliate marketing:

You can get commission from referring people to buy products on some platforms. An example is Jumia. You can get commission from referring students to buy products from them.

26) Freelancing:

There are different different websites and apps where you can make money through freelancing. The major ones are Upwork and Fiverr. There are several categories of things you can do to make money. From, copywriting to software design, there are several opportunities and they pay well.

27) Blogging:

You can start a blog on any niche you feel comfortable writing on. It could be food, interior decor, sports or anything. The entertainment or news niche can be very stressful for students to handle because of the competition involved.

28) Modelling:

You can make money from modelling for different brands.

29) Selling affordable data plans:

Mobile Data is something most people cannot do without. Which means there is a huge market for it. Yoi just need to build a brand that they can trust.

30) Graphic designing:

Students usually need flyers or banners for different programs. It could be for parties or fellowships. You can also help students make Logos for their businesses or clubs. With the growing digital age, graphic designers are being sought after.

You can improve on your knowledge by learning from YouTube.

In conclusion:

There are several business options or ways to make money available for students. The truth is some of the business ideas may be common but it doesn’t matter. I know students who make money from them regardless of how common they are and I know those who have made losses.

The idea is important but not as important as the way it is being excited and managed. It is necessary to choose the right business for you to make profit. You must also strive to think more like an entrepreneur in order to make money from this ideas.

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