30 questions every year before I turn 30

30 questions every year before I turn 30 (2020 edition)

I would be answering 30 random questions picked out by a fellow blogger. I plan to do this every year till I clock thirty. This year I’m Nineteen and I would like to see how differently I would answer this questions when I’m 20.
Plus it’s a good way to keep track of my thoughts.


The questions

1) What do you love most about your life?

It is definitely my family and the relationships I have kept so far.

2) What do you feel like your life is missing and how can you get more of what you need?

My life is missing excitement. I mean right now, I would give anything to be able to travel around the world.
Money solves my excitement issue. To get money, I would have to increase my means and be more disciplined and committed.

3) Where do you want to be in five years?

Jeez uhm… well giving the Nigerian educational system, I would probably be almost done with my service year, that is if there is no strike.

I would really want to be touring another country in the next 5 years. I want to be financially stable and great mentally. Also I would love to meet more people and make more friends.

4) Who are the people in your life that make you the happiest?

MO, Ohjay, Oma, Mira, My folks, Maximus, Victoria, Eniola, Tommy, my bros (they can be annoying)… that’s all I can think of.

5) When are you the happiest version of yourself?

When I’m watching Black clover (an anime). Im madly in love with that anime….
when I’m with the people I love, Mo especially.

6) What do you love doing?

I love writing. It’s my passion.

7) What are you afraid to do?

Wow! I’m afraid of poverty mehn. I don’t want to do poverty. I don’t want poverty to do me.

8) Can you improve on your daily habits?

Honestly, I don’t know. Habits are hard for me. I tried yoga, exercising, singing lessons and so many other habits and it didn’t work out.

I’m going to do better next year tho. I’mma go big. I would use apps, journals… whatever I can to keep better habits.

9) What steps are you taking to reach your goals?

I’m reading books, studying people, learning, Researching…. I’m actually learning a lot. I’m working as much as I can though. I won’t say I’m doing my best but I’m working towards my goals.

10) What makes you upset?

Stupid people make me upset. I also get upset when people touch my stuff. I absolutely hate when people comment rudely about the way I look.

11) How can you add to your happiness?

Making more money, achieving more goals and leaving Nigeria! Emphasis on leaving Nigeria.

12) Are you doing all you can to reach your goals?

I don’t think I’m doing my best. I believe I can do better and I plan to do better next year.

13) What areas of your life can you improve in?

I need to improve on my discipline and communication skills. A few people have also complained I’m a bad listener.
I also need to learn to be more positive. I have worked on that this year. I’m a lot more positive than I used to be.
Plus, I suck at being consistent with things. I’m definitely Working on that next year.

14) What are five things you love about yourself?

1) My stature
2) My eyes
3) My courage
4) My smile
5) My honesty

15) What are 3 negative Mindsets you need to let go off?

1) That I can’t finish anything. I really find it hard to complete tasks because I feel like I just can’t or I’m scared of being judged.

2) My writing skills are not good enough. I have a lot of unfinished pieces because I’m scared that it’s not good enough for the public eyes. I guess I would never know if I don’t try.

3) That I’m a boring talkative. I don’t know if that makes sense but yeah

16) What will you accomplish next year?

One thing I would really love to accomplish next year is having 1000 subscribers on my blog and getting AdSense. The AdSense journey has not been easy.
I would also love to learn Forex and improve on my copywriting skills.

17) How can you improve on your daily routines?
Omoo, I don’t know o. Okay, I think a journal would work. I would try journalling more often.

18) What is a piece of advice you are giving your future self?

Have fun, live, work, create balance. Live in the present, let every moment count. keep it 100.

19) How can you love yourself more daily?

By staring in the mirror, loving everything I see and not forgetting that there is only one me. That me is beautiful and deserves all the love in the world.

20) What can you do to practice more self care throughout the week?

I can set reminders. A journal would also help a lot( I have to journal fr) I need to remind myself about the reasons why self care is important too.

21) What are 5 things that make you smile

1) Compliments with no buts
2) Remarkable novels with happy endings
3) Seeing a thoughtful video on pets, love or relationships
4) Something that reminds me about my childhood

5) Seeing Black clover ( Asta and charmy)

22) What is your favorite movie series?

Right now it is “How I met your mother” I love that the movie is natural and humorous. I love the characters, the story and everything.

23) How can you show others more love and compassion each day?

uhm, the easiest way would be to check up on people ( I suck at it). Tell them how much they matter and compliment people regularly. Honest compliments

24) what is your favorite read this year?

This is so hard because I read a lot of awesome books. Damn… I can’t decide between Jennifer Niven’s All the bright places and Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe.

25) What is your number 1 goal for next year

To buy a car…. I’m kidding tho but no I want a car…. My number 1 goal is too make six figures in dollars.

26) What food would you love to try for the first time next year?

Crab soup or Plantain porridge.

27) What did you not have last year that you have now?

A source of income. Last year I didn’t even think much about making my own money. I knew I had to but I couldn’t figure out a way to make money.

28) Who is your favorite celebrity?

Billie Eilish… I love love her

29) What do you know this year that you didn’t know last year

I didn’t know how important it was to take care of my mental health. Now I know and I’m working to be better.

30) What do you regret about this year?

Not keeping a diary to write out the events that took place this year. They were nasty, interesting, annoying and crazy. 2020 is one badass year.

I’m done

Thanks for taking your time to read through this 30 questions and my answers. You can answer any of the questions in the comment section below.


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