3 simple ways to not look like a fresher

3 simple ways to not look like a fresher



3 simple ways to not look like a fresher.

If you have just been admitted to any of our prestigious Nigerian universities, I say congratulations everyone together freshers of OAU. I know you are thinking this OAU people have come again. Everytime greatife, ogbafemi, oba awon university. You are free to think whatever you like. We the staylites of OAU welcome the new uhm(clears throat) freshers. Anyways we the staylite of OAU also welcome freshers of other universities (so you won’t think we are proud).
 Today, I will be giving you the inside gist on how to not look like a fresher. What are friends for? Looking like a fresher is bad for your pockets. As a good friend that has your back, I don’t want you to look back at your fresher days and start counting embarrassing moments.
These tips will instantly make you look like a staylite( if you choose to follow them). Oya let’s move to the main business.
The tips;
1. Your Appearance :
The way you look is the principal thing that governs the way you will be perceived. I’m about to list a number of things most freshers a guilty of.
  • Heavy bag packs: You are no longer in secondary school,you don’t need to put all your books and textbooks in one bag. Dear fresher carry a bag that compliments your outfit but can still size your books. Do not carry that heavy brown bag(seriously don’t).
  •  Heavy Make up: Using makeup in the university is based on the temperature. It is not an everyday thing. Some days are going to be so hot that if you wear too much makeup you will end up having the way you look. So my golden tip is to always keep it simple. A bit of foundation and powder and lip gloss. Save the heavy make ups for parties. P.S if you can’t draw good brows, do not try it.
  • Your shoes: Be sure your shoes compliment your outfit to some extent. Nothing spells fresher like wearing ankara and soccer boots( I have seen it before).
  • Iron those clothes: Yeah, seriously iron your clothes. Iron your underwear if you have to( I’m not kidding). Repeat after me ” I am never to be caught unfresh.”

2)Your stance and your body language:

I bet you probably didn’t know that a fresher’s body language is different from that of a staylite. Sometimes it can be really obvious. How do you feel when you go to a church or a social gathering for the first time? You most likely wouldn’t feel comfortable. Infact there is a way you would walk in front of people as if there is an earthquake and you are about to fall down. On the contrary if you were at home you would walk like you are a boss(like you own the place). Well the missing thing with being a first timer is the confidence.
If you do not want to look like a fresher, walk with confidence. Walk like you own the campus(it’s your parent’s money you are spending, enjoy it). Don’t be over confident else you will give yourself away. Confidence includes not staring at the ground while walking. Look at people’s faces but don’t stare. Wear a smile and feel as comfortable as you would feel at home.

3) The little secondary school habits:

Its still going to be somewhat hard to drop some secondary school habits but it’s better to learn to drop them the easy way(you don’t want to know the way). Permit me to shake this table.
  • Never run to class: Every tip I listed above loses value the moment you run to class. No matter the pressure, walk. Seriously walk. Running to class will not increase your GP it will only increase your BP(I’m becoming a motivational speaker). Don’t be scared that you will have nowhere to sit down during the lecture. I will teach you a trick to handle that in other posts. Running to class is wearing a T-shirt that says I am a fresher.
  • Don’t shout while talking to your friend: Learn to keep your conversations private. It’s a university no one cares and you might even be disturbing someone else’s peace by shouting.
  • Don’t liter: Throw your empty bottles in the dust bin. Throwing things on the floor is so wrong and animalistic. Together we can make the earth a better place.
  • Be kind to strangers: Girls, not every guy you meet wants to see what’s under your skirt. Please be kind and smile. Engage people in conversations. You don’t know whose help you will need later on.
  • Do not brag: Yes don’t brag about your secondary school prowess. Universities are wicked. In other words, Dem no send. Read your books as much as you go to classes and be humble.
I sincerely hope that you guys will find this tips helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.

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