How to crash read effectively - 10 easy steps.

How to crash read effectively – 10 easy steps

How to crash read effectively- 10 easy steps


 No doubts, exams are hard and school itself is like an heavy cross all students have to carry, although some people don’t see it as a cross. Some genius students derive pleasure from learning all the big botanical names and the one million formulas whose application we might never understand but for some of us reverse is the case.
 It’s not surprising that only a few students are on first class, well not everyone is ready to sacrifice their social lives to the beautiful hands of formal education. Many students have other things to tend to like their modelling career, sports activities, their businesses and so on and it’s more a less a known fact that it is hard to balance overwhelming school work with these activities, hence the need to crash read.
An old adage says anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you want to crash read it’s important you crash read the right way so as to prevent your gp from singing “parte after parte.”
Enough said let’s move to the quick steps to crash reading effectively and getting good grades. Wheather you are crash read or over read, the aim these days is to “pass and get out.” I’m not encouraging laziness in students but all the same never forget this Golden rules.

How to crash read effectively

1) know the course outline:

understanding your course outline is a very important aspect of crash reading. From time to time review the course outline and ask your serious coursemates about the topics which are the hardest.
Asking this questions allows you to know what topics you need to tackle more and what topics are less important. Not knowing the course outline on time might be very dangerous especially when you find out two days to the exam that one topic is as much as an higher education and is very important. We all know the end of that story.


2)surround yourself with book worms:

Make sure you are cool with the over serious students. Check up on them regularly so when you need their help it will be at your finger tips. The book worms are your go to source when you hit rock bottom.  They provide you with instant help like notes, textbooks and even reading formulas.

3) Understand your reading pattern:

crash reading becomes easier when you know your reading hours. If you are not a night reader it’s advisable you don’t bother trying, stick to reading in the day. Follow whatever way suits you best.

4) swift read through:

This is very crucial because it gives you a brief overview of the topics in the course. It should only take you an hour or two because you are not reading line by line but scanning through the paragraphs and looking for the central idea.

5) Use the past questions:

Many students do not really understand how to use past questions, they just try to cram the answers and get disappointed when the questions are not repeated.
The past question is supposed to guide your thoughts so you would have an idea of what to expect from the examiner. No matter how difficult the course is examiners usually leave a trail or let me say trend in their past questions. What you want to do is to find the trend and battle it.
* some questions come out more frequently than the others, note those kind of questions down.
*Some topics are rarely asked. Note them down also.
*Some questions are always very simple when asked year in year out. Also pen them down.
* Some topics are always difficult when questions are asked on them. Write them down. These are the ones that will need more time.
It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to study the past question when you are done you will feel more relieved.



6) Arrange the topics in order:

 You can arrange from the easiest to the hardest. Read the easiest ones first and make sure you know it very well before solving past questions on them. Next read the hard ones. Visit your brilliant friends for more explanation.
The principle of timing is very important in crash reading so don’t take no for an answer because most brilliant are always making excuses for not having time to teach others.
Also visit the frequently asked topics and study them very well.

7)secluding the key points:

Get a jotter and write out the keypoints in all the topic. Also write out the formulas or acronyms you meet in your course of reading. It makes it easier to revise.

8) Revise till the exam starts: 

Revise with friends. Revise with past questions. Reviese alone. Whatever you do don’t  stop revising. Never ever.

9) Eat and sleep well:

When you are crash reading, make sure to get good food and take drinks with high sugar level. It makes your reading experience better. An hungry man cannot read. Eat but don’t over eat.
Sleep is also very essential. When crash reading make sure you understand that your body will always ask for sleep. Plan your day in such a way that your body gets the kind of sleep it deserves. If you rest well, you have a higher chance of performing better.

10) Formation or no formation:

No matter how strict the exam Hall is. There is always connection and cooperation. I’m not encouraging cheating but well… Don’t get caught.
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