10 practical tips to help you plan in the university like a boss

I have 3 important things to tell you guys today

1) planning is important for growth

2) planning is self love

3) planning is not difficult, at all.


I really don’t want to yap and make noise about how planning is bae or life or yunno. But I must emphasize that planning sets you up for success.

Over the years, I have read several books and time and time again I have realized planning is one of the reasons the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

Planning is an habit you want to form. And you want to form it now.

A little diversion please.

If you didn’t know this before, creating value is what makes you great and successful. To be valuable, you have to want it. And if you really want to be valuable, you need a plan.

P.s to make money which is super important, you need value. And that’s why planning is so important.

I’m talking about a full proof plan to steadily improve your skills and to manage your current tasks.

I have listened to a lot of motivational speakers and they all talk about planning. But they never really get into how to plan. I mean how to really plan to get superb results regardless of how crazy and unpredictable life gets.

As someone who is big on productivity, I spent the last one year researching on how to plan the right way. Because as I have figured, the reason I wasn’t following my plans was because, I wasn’t planning the right way.

How to braindump

And that is so true for a lot of us. The reason why we don’t follow our plans is because we don’t know how to create plans that can be followed.

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We either plan too much or too little. But not to worry, this article would walk you through everything you need to know about planning.

Planning starts from the mind

For most people, planning only happens in the mind. They don’t take their time to transfer their plans to paper where they can get more clarity.

The mind is where planning should start not where planning should end. Putting it down on an app or on paper makes it harder to forget.

Planning is an everyday thing

When I first started by planning, I would just write my plans on a sheet of paper and put it somewhere. Somewhere I might never remember to check. Obviously I can’t follow what I don’t remember.

I found it really difficult to follow my plans until mum got me a small notebook that I could carry around. Coupled with that, I also downloaded the Google calendar app. And that made it easier for me to remember to plan.

All I’m saying is, you need a portable planner you can carry around. Something that can fit into any of your bags.

I think the first mistake most of us make is that we think of planning as a once in a while thing. When planning should be an habit because plans change.

I dedicate about 20 minutes to planning everyday just so I can take my time to plan my day. It’s important that you set our time even if it’s just 10 minutes to plan your day.
While planning, I have an image of what I want my day to look like and how I would make that happen.

Honestly, writing out things you need to do is easy. Doing them is the main work. That is why I have to say, to plan is human, to follow it is divine.

Braindumping aids planning

I’m a big advocator of braindumping because it really helps. When you have too much on your mind and you don’t know where to start from, braindumping comes to the rescue.

It is simply writing down everything on your mind on paper before sorting it out.
To know more on braindumping, check out this article I wrote on how to do it.

Over ambitiousness is bad for you
One of the reasons why people fail to follow plans is because they have too much going on.

Having a list of ten things to do in one day can be overwhelming. Honestly, when I make too many plans, I end up feeling exhausted even without trying.

Instead I write out everything I have to do and then I list them out in order of priority. I single out the most important ones and brainstorm on ways to finish up the task.
I always get the motivation to finish up the rest afterwards.

Break your plans to chunks

Breaking your plans to chunks makes everything you need to do easier.

Say you have a project to work on and you have no idea where to start from. Rather than procrastinating, get a pen and a book and do a quick braindump on your thoughts on the project.

The braindump should help you figure out some of your ideas. Filter out the ideas and then see how you simplify them.Then break them off into small bits you can finish up in a few days.

Try time blocking

I like to time block when creating plans because it makes me more likely to stick to them.

Plus you don’t just want to create a to do list for the entire day or week without understanding how it’s going to work.

I like to know how long a particular task would take me. That is why I create an estimate of how long I think the task should take.

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For instance, say I have to wash clothes, do some assignments, copy some notes I missed from class and also write a blog article.


Rather than just putting all of this on my to do list with no idea where to start from, first I prioritize and then pick out time to work on each task.

I can choose to do my laundry at 7:00 am because I want them to dry fast.

I can do my assignments Immediately after breakfast which should be around 10:30. I can write my notes when I wake up from my afternoon sleep.

And write the blog article later in the evening.

With this, I have a template for what I want my day to look like.

This template is important because it helps me find balance throughout the day.


I get that you can’t really predict the uneventualities in your day but with planning you can control how productive you are regardless.

I know it’s not so easy making that leap to live your life intentionally. A lot of people say “planning is boring.” “You will never have fun unless you plan.” But I dare say planning is fun.

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Because it creates this uncomplicated lifestyle that makes it easier for you to be happy.

Moreover if you really want to have fun, then plan your fun. But set your priorities right.
I really hope that you found this piece helpful.

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